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Originally Posted by F0RBIDDEN View Post
As much as David Gold is a complete faggot and everything they have released since this is horrid shit, this first demo/EP is fucking fantastic... I haven't heard this remixed version with this cover but the original is great. Dave Gold claims to have written all that music but there's no way he did, his sense of melody and ear for proper harmony is still to this day complete garbage, there's so much unintentionally out of tune shit going on on Pursuit of the Sun that it's impossible to believe he wrote the songs on this release...

Dude has a thing for not giving credit to any musicians he ever plays with. I was in the band for a year and played their biggest show ever with them and he still went out of his way to have my name removed from the past members list on Metal Archives. Dude gave no credit in the Pursuit booklet to the guy who played bass on the album either. He's a two faced shithead who tries to be the most friendly down to earth cool guy to his fans but behind the scenes he is such a fucking cunt. Don't support this faggot, ever.
I actually liked Pursuit of the Sun...
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