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alright...lemme set this up for you.

I go to my buddy ryans and make a couple cranberry and vodka drinks (took a tab also...but it was low enough to where it didn't matter) anyways...that was like 6 shots. had like 3-4 yueng ling and then ryan starts getting all stressed and being an ass so i take my chance to go hang out at a friends house that i've never been to...

I only know like 3-4 people there and that was just the people that i see everyday...not the home owners their friends, ect...

I drink another 5 yueng lings or so and get into this fight with this girl over the word nigga....shes from new york, i'm from jersey, we're being complete assholes to each other.

long story short my friend picks me up this morning and says to me "Ok, I want to know how the fuck you can go from being a complete asshole to this girl and her doing the you fucking her? wtf?"

it was a glorious moment. crazy sluts. wooo i'm still a little drunk hahaha!

I Tee A Dub
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