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Originally Posted by Popegina View Post
I think they're crazy for picking Carr. His completion percentage when under pressure is the worst among the top 8 QBs in this class, and considering their offensive line problems, I think that's somewhat of a concern. He also rarely throws a deep ball, and when he does, he's inaccurate. He basically reminds me of a less athletic and slightly less accurate version of Ryan Tannehill.
he certainly wasn't my top QB in the draft (all of them were gone anyway), but apparently he up there on the Raiders board as one of, if not the top one. he's the best passer this year. one of the scouts mentioned something about his inability to stay accurate under pressure and throwing the deep ball...but HOPEFULLY the kid sits for 2 years as Shaub guides them back to respectability.

they GOTTA be better than last year
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