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The Rams also broke the color barrier a year before Jackie Robinson, but most people don't have a clue who they were because they weren't high-caliber players. In history they're forgotten, but to those players at the time I'm sure it meant a lot, and likely had more of an influence in the 40's which helped facilitate integration, which is what mattered most. There were players in the Negro leagues that would've been better than Robinson if they had the chance.

The difference here is that despite Sam not being a HoF level player, he'll be etched in history as the 1st ever openly gay player largely due to the power of media. It also may make it easier for that Robinson type player to come forward in the future, or for active players as well.

He got drafted in the 7th round because of the type of football player he is, if he gets cut, it's for the same reason. That's how it should be.
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