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Originally posted by perzo)))
here's stuff that wasn't mentioned-
1/2 of 6,1/3 of 9-demo
mcmassacre shirt(white)
green ed gein shirt(from the grim reality album)
red radiation symbol shirt
silk screened gein/fish flyers from early 90's
bloody mess shirt
bloody mess hat
grim reality shirt(white)
dahmers head on ronald mcdonalds body shirt(black)
lots of flyers&letters from the band(back when bands used to write to people)
some rehearsal/demos that were given to me by nefarious

most of this stuff is before sinister slaughter came out.anyone interested in any of these, email me.
I´m VERY interested in almost all the stuff you´ve got but if you want me to e-mail you I´d be glad if you posted your e-mail adress. Wouldnt be to bad to get my hands on those demos and rehearsal tapes :D
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