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Few thought that anything was lacking from 2005’s Kezia, but to those few, there’s a copy of Fortress with your name on it. Protest The Hero’s newest offering doesn’t hold anything back. Actually, everything might be a little overdone – guitar wankery, a keyboard solo by Dragonforce keyboardist Vadim Pruzhanov on “Limb From Limb,” and the orchestrated instruments in “Bone Marrow” – but everything works in its own context and serves a purpose. Those who like the more metal side of PTH will fall in love with the CD, as virtually all 10 songs come to climactic metal passages that have that ‘epic’ feel without forcing it. The album is described as having “two three part movements” in the promo sheet - much like that of an orchestra, which is a feeling you’ll get while making your way through Fortress. Technically speaking, the musicianship is superb, and the band as a whole sounds a lot more mature – with help from vocalist Rody Walker who is easily one of the highlights of the disc. Fortress is a perfect title for this album. Each song is its own piece of the cohesive product, and by the end of your first listen, it will compel you to enter the Fortress once again.
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