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Originally Posted by Cambridge_works View Post
How are the vocals? I have always liked the vocals. I just want to know if he changed it all.
alright so after about 6 listens now i've decided that:

- this cd is fucking epic; if anything is better than this in 2008 than i'll be amazed
- everything sounds a lot more mature
- everyone in this band can shred their instrument and keep it really coherent
- as an album it is a lot more coherent than kezia, but some individual songs on kezia are better - if you get what i mean.

as for the the rest of the music they sound a lot more developed, and in turn sound amazing. the clean vocals are just as good as before, if not better, and the screams are awesome. arif's growls are also amazing and sound like he should be the lead singer in a brutal death metal band almost.
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