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Okay, we need help and votes ascertaining who is the fooking sex god of Adrift. I, for one, vote for myself, as my perfectly round, bald head is good for rubbing, and my goat is the five-inch-long "flavor-saver"; also, I am a cunning linguist. At least on the guest book, I have the most groupie nods, even if some of them are grotesque, like wanting to rub butter all over me. Yecch.

My opinions on the rest of the band:

Jack wants to be me. Bald bastard copies my look.

Mark OBVIOUSLY overcompensates with his large muscles and macho attitude, and his rampant homophobia makes me wonder.....

Analia is gorgeous and could, I stress *COULD* give me a run for my money.

Michael, ah, gloriously effeminate Michael, so in touch with his inner woman...he is beautiful, but christ, his androgyny could confuse David Bowie...

So, man up, one and all, and let us know what you think!

PS, this thread is for fun only, and for my band mates, screw you guys, I'm going home.....
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