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Fisting, you left out of your list Tasty Pus Records recording artists Rotting Suppurating Purulent Cottage-Cheese Septic Anal Septic Flesh (they're twice as brutal and septic because the ass is septic and the flesh is doubly septic - they're the septic-est band of all time!). They TOTALLY have the sickest bomb-blast, chernobyl blast, vaginal queef blast, festering ass blast, speedy gonzales blast, ridiculo-blast, nucleo-fallout blast, sand-in-the-crotch blast, moldy-mayonnaise blast, hangnail blast, and cromulent crepuscularly craptastic blast!! They crush!!

Ha, just kidding. Deicide, huh? I dig the first record, that's it. No Death on your list ("Human"? "Symbolic"?)? Have you checked out the Capharnaum stuff ( Way tech, but brutal as hell. Good stuff. Thanks for stopping by, don't be a stranger.

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