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Exclamation Fucking Christ!

You know, if we really expect anyone to take us seriously, we need to eliminate this post and erase the memories of all who have visited it.

I will personally proclaim Kevin the 'sex god' of the band so there is no further question in anyone's mind and then we can be done with it and start paying attention to the fans (i.e., the kid from Portugal requesting Adrift guitar tablature).

Anyway, the results are more loaded than I am half the time. I mean, c'mon. Kevin DOES make more money than the rest of us combined, but nowhere near enough to BUY five times the votes Analia has. Not even in a blind and androgynous utopia!

The facts:
This is a metal site.
99.8% of all views are by males.
The vast majority of those males are straight; the rest are homophobic.
The chicks that visit think Analia is hot, too.

Here's the slippery slope:
Kevin is 5 times sexier than Analia.
Mary Magdalene was a prositute, Jesus was a virgin and the only begotten son of god.
JFK was killed from a precision shot from the book depository.
GW had nothing to do with 9/11...

OK. Now that I know what logic we are working with, I can better accept these results.
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