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Originally Posted by J.D.DIAMOND View Post
It's almost slim to none with Black Metal fans where I live(Seattle Washington U.S.A.),everybody over here is into "Tunnel Hat".......a phrase my friend came up with for all these baseball hat wearing baggy clothed football jersey rap orienated image bullshit,metal and hip-hop crap....we ignore them to say the least,but thats what people like over here. The METAL scene is very very small. You would NEVER see ANYBODY in Seattle wearing a leather jacket for metal,not unless you went to a black metal concert which there are not any but once every 4 years or so,no one is into Enthroned up here either. It just gives us something to laugh at!
this is a preposterous claim, as there is at least TWO Black Metal shows a month here in Seattle, NOT counting the other great Death metal, Doom, Grind, Crust, and Thrash, etc bands we have here. There are a lot of people into black metal here as well, you have to go to the local shows to meet them, the local shows being the BEST shows, and the most close to that lost METAL nostalgia vibe all of us youngins wish we were alive for.

The leather jacket comment though, is right on, heh. There a lot of great black metal bands in Seattle. Nekro Morphosis, Forest of Grey, Drakul, and from other areas, that still play in seattle; Slutvomit, Sacrament ov Impurity, Ceremonial Castings, Gravenloch (a mixture of all extreme metal technically), Axis of Fear, Irony, and so on.
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