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Originally Posted by devil spell View Post
loooooooooooooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
there's nothing about belgian sarcasm man!
everyone here can c the sarcastic way it was said !
This is when you can see who's into a band or style or not...
Enthroned exist since 1993, Nornagest already had a black metal band in 1990 ( Heresia), so yeah that's logical that he discovered black metal while going to the next shop to buy the last album of marylin manson....
now a test from my own true or not :

I discovred black metal with Michael Jackson but I didn't like it anymore when he changed style to grey metal, so I looked for something more extreme so I discovred another Black artist ; Bob marley , after a while i thought it was too symphonic for me a bit too slow so I listen to more extreme stuff then like Mystifier and Blasphemy it's pure Black metal because it's metal made by cool bands with satanic image and black guys in it!
Yep I like Mystifier and Blasphemy. I am black so these bands kick ass. The first Black Metal I heard was Dark Funeral.
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