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Awsome,I can't wait to hear the new album. I believe Enthroned deserves to go forwards as you do,and being a fan since 1996,I deserve to hear more Enthroned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've always been into your guitar riffs and solos,much different and much old school compared to the likes of other Black Metal bands. You still have that basement chalk wall beer bottle sound that us Black Metal fans crave,yet with an impressive original sound.

It's almost slim to none with Black Metal fans where I live(Seattle Washington U.S.A.),everybody over here is into "Tunnel Hat".......a phrase my friend came up with for all these baseball hat wearing baggy clothed football jersey rap orienated image bullshit,metal and hip-hop crap....we ignore them to say the least,but thats what people like over here. The METAL scene is very very small. You would NEVER see ANYBODY in Seattle wearing a leather jacket for metal,not unless you went to a black metal concert which there are not any but once every 4 years or so,no one is into Enthroned up here either. It just gives us something to laugh at!

Anyways,keep up the good work Nornagest,and to permanately let you know ...there are true Enthroned fans out here who crave Enthroned's black metal originality,and elite idiology.

EVIL CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!

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