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Greetings everyone. My name is J.D.Diamond and I'm 36 years old from Seattle Washington,the trendy capital of the United States Of America! I've been into Black Metal since I was 13 years old when I first heard Venom's "At War With Satan" album in 1984! Then,and still of course...I've been into Mercyful Fate... Hellhammer,Celtic Frost,Bathory,Possessed,Onslaught(Power From Hell 1st album only!)Sodom.Kreator,Sarcafago(1st LP).....old Morbid Angel(death metal but back then there was slim to pick!)old Deicide we all bought the day it was released having heard already the Amon demos over here!! Deicide debut kicked ass when we first put that album on!! To bad they suck ass now! Hail Hoffman brothers!! Fuck Benton!!

I've been a fan of black metal ever since.I remember hearing De Mysteriss Dom Sathanas in 1994 for the first time and remembering it was the most darkest album I'd ever heard,still is. I did'nt discover Enthroned until 1996(11 yrs ago)when I bought The Prophocies Of Pagan Fire....the album that blew my nuts almost off! I agree with Sabbathan, being into black metal even over here I've seen more idiocy in black metal fans/bands in the new melenium than there were in the early/mid 1990s. It never used to be about trying to be evil,but to know we were elite,vs. the new black metal kiddies and thier new black metal idiocy trying to be "evil". Even Euronymous and the entire Norwegian black metal scene were about the "music".From what I've read throughout the years,is that Varg Vikerness was the one who "ruined" the entire black metal scene with his childish Nazi-ideology,and refusing to wear corpse paint,ect...

Enthroned is a band that deserves to continue. Xes Haereticum in my opinion is Enthroned's best album ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fucking excellent! I respect Sabbathan's decision to leave the band,and he must if he so desires to after what he is feeling inside,however...Nornagest I am greatful you have decided to continue Enthroned,my favorite black metal band of all time.

Sabbathan: Thank you for over 10 years of dedication to us "true" fans of the un-childish black metal fanbase.

"Hey Nornagest"......................"thank you" for over 10 years of elite true and original black metal that has been sent throughout the world to reach it's fans who deserve Enthroned's eliteness,and musical enlightenment.

Thank you,and I look forwards to hearing the New Enthroned album!

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