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Originally Posted by Nornagest
While fucking mother mary's boundaged ass!
A december winter night, and blood was dripping from the roof!

I knew then that Satan just gave me a sign and I ran to the nearest store to buy the latest album of M.Manson .

I don't think I actually answered the question...

I know I'm still a relative total n00b to black metal, but my first dabbling with the black arts came about basically because.... throughout the time I've been into this kind of music overall, it's pretty much been a journey i've had to make more or less solo finding most bands myself and checking them out personally with recommendations only really making up about 2% of what I'd look up.

Basically looked through those lists that seem to always crop up of "100 Greastest Riffs" or "100 Greatest [whatever] Albums"... Emperor were one of those bands that seemed to get mentioned in just about every single list, so I thought I'd go and check them out.

Picked 'In The Nightside Eclipse' out pretty much solely based on the fact it had the best artwork of the lot (probably around six months before Prometheus to give an idea of timescale), listened to it and it was just too alien for me to comprehend at first. Far more atmosphere than I'd been used to with a number of the bands I'd been listening to.

In the meantime i was getting entranced und enchanted by the marvels of death metal (Morbid Angel, old Napalm Death etc) so kind of got sidetracked into going full-on down that road like a juggernaut. The only real times i ever looked back into BM was to either get another Emperor album or the more 'eclectic' bands like Aborym, Lunaris etc.

Pretty much got to the stage a couple of times where I was just fed up of listening to more or less the exact same style of music - ie bands that sound distinct enough but the overall ethos being pretty much the same - but it's only really now that I've actually pursued black metal wth any real earnest again.
I figured, I've got probably 600+ cds of all different kinds of death metal (old school, blackened, thrashing, Satanic, 'legendary', brutal, slam death...) that I might as well further embrace my musical religion by searching further into that which I'd never really looked at before... largely thanks to having been tempted into the blacker faith by Belphegor first and then Dark Funeral.
The latter along with Gorgoroth just blowing my mind really in that they offered the exact same power and brutality that i'd gotten a kick out of in brutal death metal but it was in a completley different way that kind of warped my mind.
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