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Havent posted any updates here for a while since we got our facebook page going pretty good, reaching a lot of people in a instant.

Latest news taken from

3 September - Dennis enters the studio.
What up saints and sinners! I've been doing a bunch of vocals these past few days for the new record. My throat feels totally fakakta right now but believe me when I say I totally poured my soul into this one. There are some growls left that I will take care of during the mix, which by the way, is right around the corner. Brace yourselves for the third coming of Spawn of Possession...

24 Augusti - Erlend tracking a new song, Video teaser posted on youtube.
A short teaser with dry tracks showing off a segment of the new material in progress

18 Augusti - Update on Brysslings guitar recording.
I'm finally done with a very intense session of tracking the guitars for the new album. All that is left is a few undistorted details which I will take care of during the mix. Although there's no teaser for you at the moment I can assure you that my brain is mush and my tortured fingers will need plenty of time to heal. I hope those facts at least indicates what's on the way! /Bryzz

18 Augusti - Spawn on Twitter
Join us at Spawn of Possession's official Twitter - @spawnofficial

15 Augusti - Studio Report
What's up you sick puppies!!! Me and Morris just got back from a visit to the studio where we got a chance to check out some tracks of post mixed drums, guitars and bass put together and GOD DAMN! Even though the levels where roughly set the magic still shined through and the brutality, tightness and atmosphere was severely evident. Bryss still has a few songs left and Erlend is completing his parts over in Norway. I'm finishing up my lyrics and Chris is shredding solos at his place. // Dennis

20 Juli - Spawn Interview on Metalbay.
Check out this brand new Spawn of Possession interview conducted by Kevin at

Pix and older news can be found on

Gonna try to post news here more often in the future.
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