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Originally Posted by brett View Post
Well I've gotten back into it, and finished Experiment in Transience properly. I basically did the whole song again because I was finding a few mistakes. And also because I'm obsessed with things being perfect, so I literally went over each note (left and right channels) with a fine tooth comb.
I'm just sorting out some fingerings now. It should be done by tonight.
I've done it in Guitar Pro, but I'll type it into Power Tab too, for you, Tim. You might need to clean up the spacings on it though; I've never really used PT much.
Also, I'll have a Guitar Pro one with drums, too. But that'll take a bit longer.
Hey, that's sweet...... Although to be honest, I'm a recent GP convert.... both programs are good but I use GP5 more these days. Send 'em over when you're done and I'll chuck them up on ROG. Cheers.
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