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Fuck you! I will bury you!


You fag, change your profile, it's utterly pipe-smokingly homo that you use the same tag line as me. Don't give me bullshit excuses as to why you should be permitted to use it, "you've been using it for years," blah blah ad nauseum. *I* used it first here, I have territorial rights to it, which I will defend with graphic violence. Stop, or risk a fist beating, frontier style. Or, I'll set your gorgeous bass on fire, see how ya like them apples, beeyotch!

Oh, by the way, I voted for Analia, I was just puffing up above. So, no mention of megalomaniacism, please. But you WILL do as I say in the band...HA! Snootchie bootchies!

See, this is how we in Adrift do things. I run it, Jack is the enforcer, and the rest are our bitches. BWA HA HA HAAA!!!

All right, I'm very liberally kidding here and just having fun. I did, however, vote for Analia. I do feel that my round head is "dead sexxxy" though. :D
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