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Re: Recent purchases

Hail Mary Mallon - Bestiary
My Dying Bride - dude with half a face. wasn't very good imo. checked it out because i love dreadful hours and wanted to try another album.
Baptists - not bushcraft.... the new one.
Inter Arma - Cavern
A-HA - take on me 7inch single (be jealous)
Red Chord -fused in some doors
Epicardiectomy - the new one. ordered from severed. love those guys. forgot to pick up guttural slug AGAIN! dammit.
Sprung Monkey - mr funny face. found this in a dollar bin. love that tired song... ah, the 90's
Yob- elaborations of carbon (again, be jealous)
Jacob's ladder on bluray

that's all i can think of from the last month or so. i'm sure i bought more though.
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