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i'm a nut when it comes to tv and i've watched nearly every critically acclaimed series out there from start to finish with the help of tivo. basically, the good shows worth watching are on hbo, showtime, fx, or amc. there are pretty much no network shows worth watching outside of Lost. many of the network shows get ruined by the networks themselves by changing writers, pushing for more seasons for ad revenue when a show is far past its prime, etc. Twin Peaks is one of the greatest shows ever but god only knows what it could have been without ABC making the writers/directors go in certain directions.

absolute must watch from beginning to end, please keep in mind it may take 3-4 episodes to really get into many of these shows but they will suck you in.


- the wire (start to finish the best show ever)
- the shield
- twin peaks (the first season may possibly be the best ever, gets a bit soap opera-ish in season 2 but still brilliant)
- the sopranos

mad men, breaking bad, dexter are all great and on treatment, though it was recently canceled by hbo


trailer park boys, the office UK (us version is pathetic after season 2), summer heights high, extras, strangers with candy, californication, entourage (goes way downhill after season 2)
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