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Besides a lot of stuff that's already been mentioned like Curb, LOST and The Office, these are some shows I dig:

-Chuck (NBC, new eps in March)
-Mad Men (currently in season 3 on AMC)
-Big Bang Theory (pretty clever, as far as sitcoms go)
-Fringe (I think I remember you saying you watch this though)
-Eastbound & Down (HBO)
-Community (NBC)
-Glee (it's pretty shameful that I even watch it, because it's about the gayest show ever, but there's something really endearing about it)

Older/ended series:

-Twin Peaks (the eps that David Lynch directed, at least)
-The Larry Sanders Show
-Lucky Louie
-The Wire (best show ever, IMO)
-The Corner (a miniseries that was sort of a precursor to The Wire)
-Generation Kill
-Pushing Daisies

I used to love Weeds and It's Always Sunny too, but I've lost interest lately because they mostly suck.
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