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Thumbs up Update On Adrift Full-length Album

Hello, All!

Sorry for the delay in replies, but as most of you know, Adrift have been holed up for the last 10 days at ARS Studios in Altamonte/Winter Springs, busily recording the full length album we have been promising for some time.

Well, principal recording is done, and the record sounds IN-CRED-IBLE! John Hughes (our wonderful, gracious Producer), Sam (ARS owner), and Adam (main engineer for the project) have managed to pull awesome perfomances out of all of Adrift, and the result is what we feel is a sonic masterpiece of well-crafted and recorded songs, and frankly, the album is heavy as fuck. No, it is NOT death metal, but the tones and sounds are over the top - guitars alone will crush you! We are VERY happy with the recording. Oh, and for recording purists out there, there is no sampling or replacement on drums, kick or snare, nor drum "editing" or Pro Tools "Beat Detective" - all pure performance. John is very adept at getting the best from one, and we are definitely the better for it. No studio tricks!

Now, all we have to do is schedule mixing, which was delayed slightly due to the impending doom of....Hurricane Frances! Actually, ARS is and should be taking Frances seriously, as Charley caused quite a bit of destruction, and the studio was without power for a week. So, we will regroup at ARS for the mixdown very soon, and all in Adrift wish Sam, ARS, and all the assistants and their family members the best.

Back to the record for a moment. "Memory" will leave you stunned - the chorus is (this is my description, and I know I will catch shit for it, but what the hell) is pleadingly emotional, and speaks to all of us that have ever been in a relationship. This record is sick, that's all I can say, and I cannot WAIT to unleash it to everyone who has been so kind to stop by here and offer their opinions, good, bad, or ugly.

As I have been saying, this record WILL surprise a lot of people.

Stay tuned for more updates soon.
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