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Originally Posted by fishboy View Post
Speaking of Dio i here that sabbath are playing Graspop fest in belgium inJune , Alchemist have a spot so I hope its the same night!!!, i think the mighty AC/DC are playing as well
I love the animals, i also love the Kinks and the Easy beats

So how awesome would it be if you ended up supporting Sabbath! I told you to go for that gig when they played down here in August, did you go to the gig? I was at the Brisbane concert, and you would have been a much better opening act than Down. (And Ozzy's here in March)

Sounds like your taste in early rock matches mine pretty much. In Aussie rock I've got the Easybeats first two albums, Skyhooks, Buffalo (of course) The Angels, Rose Tattoo and Blackfeather's 'At The Mountains Of Madness' I was a good friend of John Robinson when Feather recorded that album, worked with him in a bank for a while, roadied for him for a while, jammed bass with him on occasion.

Oh yeah, and there's this obscure band called Alch-something I listen to on the odd occasion.

Peace, Glen.
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