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Cool Good luck Jack

I remeber back in the year 1991, early 1991 and hearing CC Hammer, Smashed, Face on the local college radion station that had Monday night Metal. To my excitment it was Cannibal and I had to buy that album. After buying album and hearing the brutal drums, lyrics, bass riffs I was impressed by the guitar. The only thing that came close to that style of playing as speed and technique go is Kerry King from Slayer. Being a fan of the young death metal scence (ie Obituary, Death, Cannibal) I knew this guitarist had the talent to do anything.. And that is what he is doing, Good luck Jack on your future and I hope you come to my part of NY one of these day's. This area needs a kick in the face for something new. Good luck Adrift on your future and long live Metal....
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