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First off I would like to thank you for your years in Cannibal. I'm a big Cannibal fan. In fact, Cannibal corpse was my first death metal show that I've been to....And the first mosh pit!!!
Thank you so much for contributing to the band when you were in it. (although I am a bit disappointed that you left)

but I would also like to thank you for having the courage to leave Cannibal Corpse and persue your own calling. If it just isn't in your heart, then by staying in that situation you are just lying to yourself (and the fans) and stagnating your creativity. Who wants that?!! People grow and change, and you are just doing whats right for you.

Don't worry so much about what other people think! People are bound to be pissed with a big change! (and it doesnt mean that they're brain dead or most cases)
You can look at it kind of like when someone is in a relationship with someone and it just isnt working out for the one person( for what ever reason), and they break up. The other is bound to feel pissed and/or rejected
or just blow the other person off like f*ck that guy/girl! You know, they had feelings for the person and all of a sudden theyre leaving. ( this is just an analogy here)The adverage person wouldn't get pissed if they couldn't stand the other person and they left. The "pissed" part comes from them GIVING A Sh*t about you! (at least at some point)
but staying in that situation when its dead isn't good for anyone! Why continue on when the feeling is gone and you are dead inside towards it?
I'd rather have you leave Cannibal Corpse and do something that feels right for you, than for you to stay and for you to be dead inside towards it.
If people dont like it, oh well! Then they wont buy your album.

It doesn't seem like this is coming out kinda sounds a bit pansy, but you get the point, right?

Thank you for contributing to Cannibal Corpse, one of my favorite bands!!! Thank you for playing for my first death metal concert and igniting the fire for my first pit!!! It won't be forgotten (even if I don't buy your new c.d...but we'll see)

I wish you the best of luck on your new journey. And hey, Who knows what kind of good stuff will come screaming out of your veins when your heart is in it and the demons are loose in your head!!!!!!! (they can come in many forms, you know...even if its not in the form of death metal)

all in all, its a good thing that you followed your heart, 'cause no one like something thats faked.

have a good one!
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