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Originally Posted by Dani Hell
you and 148 other ppl :) AS of today I have only received ONE payment through the mail.
I understand everyone who has waited is anxious to get their shirts. I'm pretty much handling this myself, as in alone. And doing my best to sort out all the unnecessary junk ( like ppl who ordered 2 shirts but from different emails) and making sure everyone's money is accounted for corrrectly.

You sent the money monday? My records show you mailed it to me. Paypal or IBAN is much faster. Shipping to Romania, even if it was shipped the exact moment your money cleared, will still take more than a week from the US
I will email you (and anyone else who mailed payment) the day your money arrives.
I know Paypal and IBAN is faster, but none is availible in Romania.
And also, the shirt is on my sister's name ( my mother got sick of seeing new shirts). I don't really know if she did put the email on the mail, but just renember: The name is Adelina Carmina Amza( Romania ) and my email is Excuse me again for using mail order, but Paypal and IBAN aren't availible ( yeah , i said it twice, but i want the world to know that :D :2up: )
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