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Just another random, faceless Corpse fan plugging my support here. I'd say the ratio of good metal fans to bad is about 1:1. I'm really starting to hate the "extreme" scene because the morons seem to permeate it. Not just because of this instance, but the local scene here is hell because of these people. Endless arguing on this and that, what is and isn't death/black/thrash metal, continual closed-mindedness. It never ends.

Anyway, Corpse is comming to Ottawa, Canada finally on the 11th of July. I'm dissapointed that I can't see you play (been waiting 4 years now) but who knows, maybe Adrift will come along some day. Good luck, you deserve nothing but happiness and success.

One things for sure, this whole CC buisness sure is bringing Adrift a good deal of publicity ;)
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