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benhume 08-24-2005 02:41 PM

New Inhume Album!
As of Friday august 26th 2005 we will be recording our 3rd full length at "Sing Sing Recording Studios" (Holland).

Working title is: "Undergrind" and thus far it seems there will be about 15 or 16 tracks on it and this album will feature new (euhm old since he joined in 2003) vocalist "Dorus" who replaced Johan "Driek" when he left.
The album will be released through Osmose but no release date has been given yet.

We'll also record two tracks for the upcoming Napalm Death tribute (Instinct of Survival and From Enslavement To Obliteration) which will be released on No Tolerance Records!!!!
(featuring tracks from:
Exhumed, Relevant Few, Rotten Sound, Regurgitate, Gore Beyond Necropsy, Phobia, Burst, Murder Construct, Cretin, Misery Index, Vomitory, Sayyadina, Retaliation, Cyness, Hellnation, Realized, Municipal Waste, 324, Inhume, Pig Destroyer)

Shirts are once again sold out for the moment but we hope to have new stuff available soon (and indeed we'll try to get some decent and reasonably priced longsleeves/hoody's this time! as well as girlies)

if possible i'll try to make some kind of studio report with pictures / movies / whatever crap possible! so check our website for the next couple of weeks if you are interested

benhume 09-05-2005 07:24 AM

The album has been recorded as well as two tracks for the upcoming Napalm Death Tribute.

del Müerte 09-05-2005 10:42 AM


It's time to officially freak out!!

benhume 09-06-2005 08:11 PM


Originally Posted by del Müerte

It's time to officially freak out!!

Leon, i am gonna send you some pre-release (not even mixed or mastered and even without vocals) shit aight!?

scum 09-06-2005 08:28 PM

can't wait for this

del Müerte 09-11-2005 01:30 PM

AWESOME!! I cna't wait!!


Originally Posted by benhume
Leon, i am gonna send you some pre-release (not even mixed or mastered and even without vocals) shit aight!?

angelfire 09-21-2005 05:30 AM

New album
Heeej, waar blijven de vette verhalen en onsmakelijke fotos van de opnames van jullie ceedeetje?
Zou natuurlijk nu onderhand wel oppe site kunnen staan he? :emot-gigg :emot-gigg :emot-gigg Gegroet Angelfire.

t_rex 10-18-2005 02:57 AM

This and the new Bile... :D

BreedingtheSpawn 11-04-2005 08:48 AM

I can't wait the new Inhume cd is going to be sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!

benhume 11-16-2005 06:25 AM

Holy Cow,

The new album "Stay Fuck 3" has been recorded, mixed and mastered and it will leave you bleeding from every gaping hole in your rotting corpse!!! this motherfukker is fast and furious!!

I'll post a sample or maybe two this week!

Mephistos 12-02-2005 03:38 PM

Ben, so what with your new album? It's released?

benhume 12-06-2005 06:34 AM

Just received a message today (06-12-05) that the master-cd is on it's way so hopefully i'll be able to finally upload a sample this week!

other news is that we'll be doing some sort of videoclip as well plus the album artwork will be done by no one other then Misja Baas!! (Fuck Yeah!)

t_rex 12-11-2005 09:53 PM


tattooedsean777 12-26-2005 04:29 PM

damn, you along with my friends in Impaled. that would have been most excellent! :kngt:

benhume 12-27-2005 07:07 AM

Check it out: track no13 from our upcoming album "Chaos-Dissection-Order" (work in progress)

the16th6toothson 01-08-2006 08:11 PM

hahaha Loek's bass tone is REDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha I LOVE IT!!!!!

this is good, as in, better than the last one already because the sound is denser, more bottom end, the "In for the Kill" release i thought had too much high end.

yes yes yes, INHUME very good, yes yes

benhume 01-24-2006 06:52 AM

Today (24-01-2006) we received a first preview of the artwork for the upcoming album "Chaos Dissection Order" (artwork will be done by Misja Baas!!!) and so far this shit is gonna be very very cool!

Hopefully things will be finished within weeks from now!


Vriend 02-04-2006 06:42 PM

Lekker hoor kerels, grind on!

Izma 02-10-2006 06:13 AM

Hello from France!

my husband and I are great fans of your band, and we try as much as possible to see you playing live. We manage a metal webzine called Fannzic, and we'd be glad to spread news about Inhume, so keep us informed with your news!
We want also to write a review of "Chaos-Dissection-Order" (in French, but we can translate it in English for your archives if you wish to). Tell me if you're ok?

Hope to see you soon live in Belgium or in The Netherlands! Bye!

benhume 03-20-2006 04:41 PM

Alright, latest news is we will finally be mixing the album next week so it should not be long now for this moddefokker to see the light of day!


benhume 03-31-2006 02:36 AM

The shit has been mixed so "Chaos-Dissection-Order" is as good as finished!

Tracklisting will be something like this

01: Superior Existence
02: Swift Genocide
03: Dismal
04: Abhorrent
05: Plague Injected
06: Grind Culture
07: Bewildered
08: Chaos-Dissection-Order
09: ..........
10: Hate/Kill
11: ...........
12: Exhume
13: Illuminati
14: Severely Deteriorated Flesh
15: Human Slave Colony
16: .........

First gig with a lot of these new tracks on the set will be at this years Noordschok Festival (De Oosterpoort Groningen, April 16th with a.o. Sadus and Darkane) /

Fear the Klown 04-03-2006 11:01 AM

Just listened to the sample, and it's sick as ever, can't wait for the album!!!

benhume 06-19-2006 05:19 AM

This motherf**ker is finished! We had it mastered last thursday and let me tell you this shit is relentless-blasting-grindcore-violence to the max! It should have been called "Over The Top / Holy Cow!"

if you're not into brutal and fast grinding music, don't even bother! hahaha From start till finish (close to 30 minutes) "Chaos Dissection Order" is filled with ultra brutal high speed audioviolence!!!

Check out the new (new!) sample on our frontpage (track called "Illuminati"). (uploaded it yesterday, sounds much better then the previous version!)

If all goes well at osmose it might actually be released this year, so send lot's of emails to osmose asking "when will the new inhume be out" haha!

The artwork for the upcoming album is also finished, can't wait for the shirt with this design!! old school quality shit from Misja Baas who also did the the inhume "hangman" etc.

benhume 06-28-2006 06:01 AM

So... 1,640 views for this topic with 25 posts of which 10 post from me... what the fuck???

comments please!!!!

checkout "ILLUMINATI" from the new album, come see us live!

benhume 07-07-2006 06:15 AM

1 Superior Existence
2 Plague Injected
3 Oppressing The Weak
4 Chaos, Dissection, Order
5 Retaliate
6 Severely Deteriorated Flesh
7 Dismal
8 Abhorrent
9 Grind Culture
10 Hollow
11 Exhume
12 Swift Genocide
13 Illuminati
14 Human Slave Colony
15 Bewildered By Rage
16 Hate/Kill

zweer 07-15-2006 02:31 PM

Sounds great!!!

Defleshed by flieS 07-28-2006 08:16 AM

klinkt vet!! maar niks haalt t bij de verpletterende live stoomwals!
wanneer komen die zippers van jullie nou eens? Ik weet het.. op dit moment is t nog veel te warm maar alvast een voorraadje voor de winter kan geen kwaad!


Vriend 08-05-2006 11:36 AM


Originally Posted by benhume
So... 1,640 views for this topic with 25 posts of which 10 post from me... what the fuck???

comments please!!!!

checkout "ILLUMINATI" from the new album, come see us live!

I want to see you live, but you have to play :D

Scrot Rot 11-07-2006 08:48 PM

Any idea when the release date is?

built to blast 11-14-2006 03:10 AM

can't fuggen wait!!

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