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Gruesom Grimp 08-12-2010 05:21 PM

Tales from the Metalverse: Post YOUR oRc ToweR related Fiction Here
Yep, Inchoates, this is where we invite you to post your orc and metal related fiction.

Well, anybody got any stories they wanna share?

Dr. Hellion 08-13-2010 10:45 AM

Chthulu in the bathroom
Our bathmat is often wet. No surprise, you think – it’s a bathmat. That’s its calling.

Surprise! I reply, something is terribly wrong. Because the bathmat is not wet by the bath. No, it is often wet on the part farthest from the bath.
Something is drooling on my bathmat.

I imagine feral foxes crawling in the window and slavering as they drink from the toilet bowl. I imagine the dodgy guy downstairs dripping on it. I imagine we have a new squatter who tries to hide his showers by turning the wet bathmat around.

Last night I did a little investigation. Got down on all fours and put my eye and fingernails to the grout between the floor tiles. I pressed the tiles. Liquid came up. Liquid came up from below.

Something is drooling under my bathmat.

The grout is damp in many places, but soft only in some. The soft spaces are not in front of the toilet. They’re not in front of the sink, or the bath. The soft spaces are right between the toilet and the sink.

Something is drooling under my bathmat, and by now it must know that I know that it’s there.

I’d better not sleep alone tonight... the vortex has reached London (though indeed, it must have been here all along). Chthulu, treat your minion well!

Dr. Hellion 08-16-2010 09:24 AM

Gifts from the airport
One short week ago, I was dragged back through the vortex, back to Satan Cruz. It’s still there, still churning out magic and mischief and music. Though I escaped its clutches, still the Grimp and the powers that be pursued me. And they let me know they were watching, by leaving me a gift in the airport.

But not an airport close to Satan Cruz. That would be too easy.

No. It was waiting for me in the Philadelphia airport. In the children’s play area.

Orcish powers have a sense of humor. (Or, as they say on this end of the vortex: humour.)

So into the children’s play area I gambolled, naively thinking I had gotten just a whisper beyond the power of Orc Tower. And there I saw a book. I can never resist a book, so I turned it over. “Kissing the Witch”, the cover told me.

Kissing the Witch, kissing the Vortex – I had been followed, I knew. Even I can read the signs. There is no place where the Orcs cannot reach you. And I like it that way.

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