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x_possessed_x 04-15-2005 11:44 PM

were is everyone?
dont yall post anymore?

diabolic666 06-21-2005 06:09 AM

what is the progress of Adrift's new album? Because the tension is killing me (and thousands of others).

AstlAdrift 06-21-2005 07:15 AM


Ha ha, thanks for the inquiry. Actually, there are bazillions of screaming, slavering, scantily clad hot bimbos waiting for the new Adrift record.

Seriously, though, we have been hard at work for a while on this record without question. Numerous challenges have presented themselves, all attempting to derail the project, and all of which we have overcome, one by one, if slowly. Weather, technical, studio, death, member change, you name it, we have gone through it. Changing your singer in the middle of doing a record is a helluva roadbump to master, especially as Dean, while a killer singer in his own right, is completelty different from Mark, necessitating many rewrites.

The record will be finished as soon as all of us in Adrift, and John Hughes II, our Producer, are satisfied that the record is a cool, moody, vibing piece of music that we are all 100% satisfied with. Only then can we be assured that everyone out there will dig it.

Having high standards can be a bitch, and may work as a delay, but we have to do it this way.

Thanks for staying in touch.

diabolic666 06-23-2005 05:04 AM

Sounds like quite the journey. When do you guys think that you will release, just as rough guess. I mean between now and then could change.

extra bacon 06-27-2005 12:31 AM

what bands or local bands has John Hughes II produced?

how many songs will there be on the record?

what record label are you guys signed to? metal blade?

will adrift ever play in Dallas,TX?

will the band release all the songs the band recorded or will you hold back some?

will adrift always be the bands name or will it be changed later on?

does jack hate death metal in general or just hate playing cannibal corpse songs?

will the band upgrade to ps3,xbox:360 or updated version nintendo later this year?

what do the band think about concert security at shows?

can bands ask clubs not to sell alcohol at shows?

do all members of the band agree that the female member is hot?

does the band believe they have stiff competion due to new celtic frost album being recorded??

what will the adrift sound have?

will it have a hard rock sound like example: alter bridge?

or will have more of a metal sound like example: sevendust?

will jack ever grow his hair like hippie again?

pizza hut or mr jims which one do you agree with?

was twin peaks the show the best show ever telivised?

will adrift's name ever be mentioned on blabber mouth......ever?

how old is the new singer?

will these band ever tour or are guys all talk?

will adrift be first day buyers for the new cannibal corpse album?

what will the lyrical content be on the new album?

what was jacks lyrical content to his first non death metal song after leaving CC?

when will the band update their website?

I don't know that all I can think of as of right NOW but I hope the band anwers my questions!

diabolic666 06-27-2005 12:41 AM

dude thats heaps of questions - you seem like a deranged lunatic :D

BerzerkCorpse 07-02-2005 07:12 PM


Originally posted by diabolic666
dude thats heaps of questions - you seem like a deranged lunatic :D
cough *stalker* cough

diabolic666 07-02-2005 09:25 PM


Originally posted by BerzerkCorpse
cough *stalker* cough
oh yeah and that too:D

extra bacon 07-03-2005 03:04 AM

what I can't ask simple random questions.this is the internet I can do any thing I want.basically do what I want.its the band choice to answer at least one of those questions.simple and regular questions.

p.s. this is the internet.who don't know me.get over it.fuck off with the "stalker" label.the band has gone on and on with little or no I was wandering what was going with the new record.fuck off.

diabolic666 07-03-2005 03:37 AM

dude, chill the fuck out, take a joke for once :o you are quite a deranged lunatic with your questions :D take that as a compliment,

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