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John_Doe 07-10-2006 08:35 AM

So I got a shirt this weekend...
which I can't pay since I didn't receive any mail after filling out the form.
I wouldn't have thought that the shipping is underway and so the shirt came completely unexpected but now that I have it I want to keep it and I only need a message/mail (PM would be better because the first e-mail landed in my spam folder) with the price and method of payment.

Thanks in advance!

P.S. European bank account preferred if possible.

Dani Hell 07-12-2006 10:20 AM

I'm gonna blame Antti for this, because... it's what I do.
Everyone who has sent me emails about this, and how I must have given their shirt to this person, and how come theirs is later when they paid immediately and so on... just quit ok! I'm one person! and it Antti's fault ;)

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