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ToLiveALie 06-22-2007 05:47 PM

ATHRENODY(Matt Harvey) CD out soon on To Live A Lie Records!
TLAL.13 - Athrenody - Crazed Development CD
Existing only for a short time in the early 90s, ATHRENODY, along with bands like IMMORTAL FATE, EXHUMED, GORYMELANOMA and COLOSTOMY created a foundation for the emerging Bay Area grind scene. Back then, rumors were floating around about a band from the South Bay that played a brutal style of grind/death metal not-on-like Harmony Corruption era NAPALM DEATH and/or TERRORIZER - turned out this band was ATHRENODY. They played a few shows, and before they split-up, they managed to get into House of Faith studios to record this full length. Unfortunately vocals were not added, until that is, Matt Harvey from EXHUMED stepped up to the plate in 2005. The result is this CD. Split release with 625 Thrashcore and De Rok Records.

Purchase Athrenody CD here

Other summer releases:
TLAL.14 - Agathocles / SMG - split 7"
AGATHOCLES, as you should know by now, are Belgium's mincecore kings. With dozens, maybe even dozens of dozens of releases under their belts dating as far back as the 80's. Enough said. SMG are Malaysia's grind glory men and they pay homage to their mince friends with an AG cover. For fans of INTESTNIAL DISEASE, AGx, and CORNUCOPIA. Split release with BSP and Pile of Bile.

TLAL.15 - Bloody Phoenix - War, Hate, and Misery CD/LP
Featuring ex-members of LA's cult grinders EXCRUCIATING TERROR, BLOODY PHOENIX takes up where ExTx left off - blistering, no fluff, straight forward grindcore ala early NAPALM DEATH. Limited vinyl version will be released as well. Split release with 625 Thrashcore, De Rok Records, and Rescued From Life.

TLAL.16 - Kakistocracy / Chronicle AD - split CD
Amazing clash of dbeat crust hardcore. More of a description coming soon.

Still in stock:
TLAL.3 - Magrudergrind - 62 Trax of Thrash CD
Finally a sixty-two track CD spanning the first three years of DC’s own epic powerviolence band, after numerous tours in the US and abroad, and after releasing over eight EP's . This collection of hardcore anthems contains the Owned 7" (Punks Before Profits Records), Religious Baffle CD (self released by the band), splits with GODSTOMPER (Nuclear BBQ Party Records and To Live A Lie Records), SANITY’S DAWN (Regurgitated Semen Records), A WARM GUN (McCarthyism Records and Misfire Records), AKKOLYTE (Death, Agony & Screams Records), and VOMIT SPAWN (Militant Records), and a very hard to find demo. A very powerful CD an amazingly eye-catching layout! For fans of fast and heavy music ranging from the rawness of DISCORDANCE AXIS to the brutal nature of PIG DESTROYER. Last copies!

TLAL.12 - Mehkago N.T. - s/t CD
Debut EP by Southern Florida's newest thrashing maniacs. Pummeling fast, raw and heavy. Five tracks of old school heavy grindcore with a twinge of dbeat. These are surprisingly lengthy and brutal songs with heart. Features members from TORCHE and SHITSTORM.


More information:

Out of print:
TLAL.1 - Godstomper/Magrudergrind - split 7"
TLAL.2 - Rhino Charge - s/t 7"
TLAL.3 - Magrudergrind - 62 Trax of Thrash CD
TLAL.4 - Unholy Grave / Archagathus - split 7"
TLAL.5 - I Object / FxPxOx - split 7"
TLAL.6 - Apathetic Ronald McDonald / Final Draft - split 7"
TLAL.7 - V/A - Skate Attack Volume I cassette tape
TLAL.8 - V/A - Four Bands to Drain Your Pool 12"
TLAL.9 - xBrainiax / NoComply - split 7"
TLAL.10 - Terminal Youh - s/t 12"
TLAL.11 - LxExAxRxNx - First Lesson 7"

ToLiveALie 06-29-2007 11:36 PM

Purchase Athrenody CD here

ToLiveALie 06-21-2008 12:02 PM

So new steady job gives way to new releases. I have been a big believer of the split release but coming up I'm trying to narrow that down some. I'm trying to work really hard and slow down the label some and focus on some choice exclusive releases.

You will see in a couple weeks.. something I've worked hard on.

KAKISTOCRACY play crucial NC mountain crust and have been around for probably a decade. This is their first output after a three year wait following their crushing LP on Profane Existence. NUX VOMICA is ex-Wake Up On Fire and is scathing, ripping, metallic crust punk.


ARCHAGATHUS is the newly prolific Canadian AGATHOCLES-worshiping act, but I promise you they are better. Actual real thought out recordings rather than releasing random practice tapes from the mid 90's (sorry AGx, I have a special place for you in my heart even though I called you out). This stuff rips. SAKATAT from Turkey bring anything ARCH forgot in eight ripping quick grind anthems.

TLAL.23 - MESRINE / P.L.F. - split 7"
This is it. Thats all I can tell you. MESRINE from Canada have been around for more than a decade. Real, pissed, grindcore. Their newest recordings have a touch of death metal, or are at are at least more cleaned without sacrificing the raw mincing destruction. PLF tracks are so good! These tracks are like a cocophonous melange of grindcore and thrash metal. Wow. Texan domination. TLAL exclusive.


CONGA FURY masters have been lost in the mail for three years until finally they have made the journey from Japan to myself in the US safely. Three years of anticipating this release and its finally almost here. Still waiting on SHITSTORM to record, but guess what, its worth it. After their Relapse release of "This Comp Kills Fascists," they are changing their sound for the better. Not sure if they want to me say why but you'll find out. If you haven't heard them before, the band plays mega brutal blastcore that has been known to crumple ceilings. Thats what was worth the three year wait. TLAL exclusive.

These may be gone by the time you read this, but..
10x FINAL DRAFT - s/t 7"
5x FxPxOx - 2003-2007 Recordings CD


Thanks! Everyone has been so supportive of my label throughout the existence of TLAL, I really appreciate it!

ToLiveALie 07-12-2008 01:54 PM

TLAL.20 V/A - TLAL Three Year Sampler CD
After technically three years in the making, TLAL has finally concocted a legit and destructive sampler. Pro-pressed full color disc face but otherwise DIY packaging to keep the price down. In fact, these are all being sold at cost. This CD harbors the worst of the worst which includes MEHKAGO N.T., FINAL DRAFT, PRETTYLITTLEFLOWER, BLOODY PHOENIX, MAGRUDERGRIND, TERMINAL YOUTH, ARCHAGATHUS, RHINO CHARGE, GODSTOMPER, CONGA FURY, MESRINE, PROLETAR, HIP COPS, SMG, SAKATAT, UNHOLY GRAVE, GATE, AGATHOCLES, ATHRENODY, KAKISTOCRACY, NUX VOMICA, XBRAINIAX, AXRXMX, BADEATINGHABITS, LEARN, I OBJECT, FXPXOX, TEMPER, MEDIA CIRCUS, RAT BYTE, COMMON ENEMY, MAKHLOK PEROSAK, STREET SHARKS, and NOCOMPLY. More than fifty tracks in less than an hour, how can you not buy this?

Only $1.50 plus shipping:
Get it here!


ToLiveALie 09-06-2008 11:53 AM

Mesrine/P.L.F. - split 7" out now!

Mesrine/P.L.F. - split 7"

The bubonic plague has returned to this generation. Social structure has become irrevocably changed and pandemonium has ensued. The carrier this time was not rats. No. This time the virus has been carried off ships on this morbid slab of vinyl, infecting millions. The MESRINE strain comes directly from Canada. Inhabiting the neutral country for more than a decade. It has been spreading across the US and Europe. Brutal blasting blows to anyone who has encountered this. The newer strain is P.L.F.. Equally as volatile, P.L.F. delivers instant nausea to anyone infected. Delivers grinding headaches and will thrash one's body leaving bruises all over. People infected with either should immediately buy this record and continue doses for as long as they have symptoms. All is not lost. Killer artwork by Matt Gauck.

All copies on color vinyl, TLAL exclusive, DIY and cheap, super awesome.

Mesrine - One Time Killer
PLF - Massacred In Totality

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