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Amber johnson 10-05-2004 04:40 PM

;) :p hey it took me a long time to figur this out!! haha ok well im just wondering what is going on with ya?? im wondering when tha crap u guys will be close to decatur again i realli wanna c u guys perform!! i dunno what happened to the guest book but i cant find it ani more so yeah ok

owenadrift 10-05-2004 06:29 PM

Jackie say
Hey! The guestbook was taken down, since racist haters finally found it, like they find all guestbooks and post all kinds of stupid shit. It should be back soon. Until then, use the forum!
Don't know when we will be thru Alabam again. Gotta finish eating these Oreos, mix the album, release the album, take over the world, have Pink Floyd open for us and cruise thru Decatur, Madison, and maybe Hartsell! (My favorite town...)
Will keep you posted!
For now, witness the photos by another Amber, and dream of us jamming at the Decatur civic center! What the crap! It could happen!

Amber johnson 10-13-2004 04:34 PM

jackie boy!!!
:D hye !!!ok yea i noticed all tha stuff they were writeing, mostly bout u, people just need to let shit go,i dont know why they even bother with it, they should see how stupid & immature they sound on there, and im only 16, that shit gets on mi nervez ani ways, i want some oreos!!!! grrrrr i have been craveing some for like a week, thanx, my stomach just growled!! haha i hope u guys come back to decatur soon, and why tha crap do u like hartselle so damn much??? i lived on the outskurtz from the time i was born till i was 14 and mi dad still lives there all tha people are (well most of them that i have seen) are stuck up and think they are better than everyone else believe me i went to skool there for 3 years and i only had 2 friends the whole time i was there cuz everi one else had money and i didnt (pluss ithe way i dressed) and that shit gets old real quick!! ok when you release the album and take over the world, remember me n misty are ur buddies ok haha i wanna get some copys of the lyrics 2 u guys's songs....instead of dreaming of u guys jamming in the decatur civic center, mi front yard is better with all mi friends around!!! yeah thats it, talk to ya later

AstlAdrift 10-14-2004 08:20 PM

Amber, Kevin from Adrift here,

To quote our singer, MarQ, Adrift will play any where, any time. Taking over the world kinda requires it, and we are not shy.

Amber johnson 10-15-2004 04:13 PM

hi kev.
:) :D hi kev,

well if u guys feel that strong about it then be planning to come to decatur(or sopme where around this area that i can get too)(well id rather u guys jus b n mi front yard haha) some time soon!!! haha i realli wanna c u guys perform
wen you guys decide to take over the world, jus member im on your side!! haha i kinda gathered that you guys arent shy at all haha ok well im in class so im gona do my work (*gasp*for once)

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