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metalman 06-20-2004 10:11 PM

my thoughts on adrift
I know this will probably break Jack Owens heart, but I've heard some of the Adrift stuff and it sounds way too much like Creed. Come on Jack. How can you abandon your metal roots for a melodic post grunge type band like this? What amazes me and pisses me off at the same time is that Cannibal Corpse fans really dig this. Whats the secret Owen? Well at the risk of sounding mean, I can honestly say that this is the worst piece of garbage I have ever heard in my entire life. Sorry Jack, but I"m not buying this. Not even for a minute. I hope you realize the folly of your ways and return to your metal roots. You may have suckered a lot of death metal fans into this Creed-type band, but you're not going to convert me that easily. I rest my case. Sorry if I hurt your feelings Jack but thats how I feel about Adrift.

siN 06-21-2004 01:53 AM

..that may be your opinion, but you sir, are just another face in the crowd, and just another voice - Granted you are FULLY entitled to your opinion, I fail to see how anything this band has made musically even remotely relates to Creed.

I'm not quite sure what song you are listening to, or if you have EVEN listened to the songs beyond the first 10 seconds (minus the fastforwarding between tracks), but your opinion just seems so jaded.

I say this because of your transpent, and close minded statements like:

"How can you abandon your metal roots for a melodic post grunge type band like this"

"What amazes me and pisses me off at the same time is that Cannibal Corpse fans really dig this"

"this is the worst piece of garbage I have ever heard in my entire life"

Let's be honest here bud, 'metalman' even, is your musical repertoire composed of death, and grind, and nothing else? Are you saying Cannibal Corpse fans can't enjoy anything BEYOND Gallery of Suicide? Thats absurd.

The history of the members in this band speaks for itself - the fact a vocalist, [female] guitarist, and bassist with such musical capabilites can join forces with some of metal's heralded few to form a band that may stray from the norm is testament to the musical world we live in today.

I'm quite sure Mr. Owen could care less about your self-indulgent opinion, and I'm also quite sure that nobody else gives two shits about you not being "converted". Nobody is abandoning anyone's roots, this band is just a break away from the cliche - It's partly the same reason Philip Anselmo left PanterA - The monotony and boredom start to set in after a while.

If anything, I feel sorry for you - Living in such delusion...there's more to your aural life than cookie monster vocals...unless you are one of those nu-melodic-core groupies that deciding to jump on the bandwagon is "way kool" and to slag off people's personal decisions is even "kooler".

So what, fucking good for Jack if he joins this band, even better if they go Gold, Platinum, or whatever. Let the man do what he wants, nobody goes into your day job and accuses you of your simpleton ways.

I too hope you recognize the folly in your boorish comments.

...and if this is the worst music you have heard, to quote some of the most intelligent Englishmen I've had the pleasure to sit down and listen to many-a-time, "i fart in your general direction"...

metalman 06-21-2004 04:44 AM

I just have concerns, thats all
Look Sin, I"m sorry I had to rant and rave against this in one of my usual matters. I understand that muscians need to evolve but I just don't want these guys to be the next Nirvana and kill off metal again. Certainly, you can understand that. I"m sorry if I pissed you off. I"ll give Adrift another listen and maybe I'll try to give it a chance but let me be honest, because Adrift isn't the type of music I like to listen to. If you, or any of the Cannibal Corpse fans can't accept my negative feelings on Adrift, thats your fault, not mine. Besides, I have a bunch of hardcore music fans who can't stand to listen to that kind of rock. I still stand firm on my beliefs but if the rest of you guys like Adrift, I won't hold it against you.

metalman 06-21-2004 04:58 AM

by the way
Oh by the way Sin, in response to my musical interests lying with just death metal and grindcore music, that is certainly not the case with me. I happen to like a lot of music besides those two. The only music I'm currently not a fan of is teen pop, country music, and modern day hip hop. Some of my musical guilty pleasures lie between 60's music like The Beatles and The Beach Boys, and modern day rock-non metal bands like Puddle Of Mudd and Good Charlotte. Heck, I even like Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young as well as REO Speedwagon. So don't tell me that I"m just limited to metal because I give a lot of other types of music a chance. Some of it I like and some of it I don't like. Now don't you think you misjudged me just a little? Just some food for thought.

AstlAdrift 06-21-2004 06:24 PM


This is Kevin from Adrift. To begin with, I thank you for making your post HERE, on this forum, a proper place for this kind of discourse, rather than on our website guestbook, which has become a proving ground for every degenerate reprobate idiot to post rants that attempt to bait all of Adrift, Jack included, into violent response. So, here we can discuss things and see if we can come to common ground, or agree to disagree.

"I just don't want these guys to be the next Nirvana and kill off metal again." Metal was never "killed off;" public perception may have been turned to grunge at the time, mainly because glam was so old and overdone that everyone was sick of it, and because there was a rawness and sincerity about grunge that appealed to the masses. But those of us, like Jack and I, and countless other musicians and metal fans alike, both continued to play metal of all genres, and also listened to it. It never died, because we would not let it. Metal of all forms cannot die just because any one band achieves success (in fact, Metallica has been doing their part trying to kill metal for over a decade now, and even with their massive success, metal lives still). These types of trends in the music industry rarely are due to ONE band versus a crop of new talent. Grunge was an exception, and Nirvana was only one of an eventual many of bands of that type. I am curious as to why you say that metal either died or was killed off - I see just the opposite: metal went underground, tape trading abounded, death metal (which I still love) became popular, and it survived, and in my opinion, became stronger.

So, what would be your fundamental objection to Adrift becoming popular? Even though I really love playing our music, and love our songs, I do not feel that we will revolutionize the music industry and create a genre as Nirvana helped to do. That is not to say that I do not feel that Adrift will be identified with by a large demographic of America and achieve commercial success - I think it will, and that we will have success, but that's mainly because we are true to what we do, and we do it for the right reasons. Adrift is not concerned with diagnosing the next trend in "nu-metal" (and you curiously list Puddle of Mudd, a nu-metal band [to most] notoriously more pussy than Adrift), or catering to the "industry." We write what we want, and we have a damn good time doing it. If you dig, cool. If you don't, cool - listen to that which you like. I will not censor you for your opinions, but your expression of them was a bit less than respectful towards Jack and Adrift, of which I am VERY protective. My music with Adrift means the world to me, and to us, and we will defend it every step along the way. If you cannot see past the first three songs, which are admittedly more radio friendly (albeit MUCH more involved, musical and proficient than POM and <yecch> Good Charlotte), and judge us purely based on that, then I truly have no further conversation for you. Go listen to what you enjoy, thanks for stopping by, and good luck with what you do.

Sin (and I do not use your actual name for apparent anti-flame reasons), thanks for standing up for us, you're a true friend and advocate for ALL music, not just a small cross-section.

But, Metalman, Adrift has (right now) 15 songs - some of which are intricate, involved, and waaaay detuned (B flat, if you play guitar), and very edgy and nearly metal. Is it Cannibal? No. Is it black, death, thrash, grind, blast or other extreme metal? No. It is simply Adrift, and we have many influences that work their way into our music.

It might surprise you to know that most of the metal influence in Adrift comes from me, not Jack. Jack is, overall, one of the best, if not THE best, musicians I have ever met, let alone had the honor of working and playing with. You list several old-school bands from the 60s and 70s. Jack can play 'em all - including solos. He can play Hendrix to a note, including feel, and would wow you if you gave him, and us, a chance. If you decide not to, again, adios, take care. But, if you'd care to broaden your horizons a wee bit (which by your self-proclaimed list of musical likes, you seem to be a bit broader than the standard Cannibal fan), check back to the site, see one of our shows, ACTUALLY check us out, and give it a real, thorough chance. You may just find that Jack is channeling his emotion differently, and inspite of your comments, you might be pleasantly surprised. If not, hell, I'll buy you beer at our gig in WI (I used to live in Lake Geneva), and we'll part on friendly terms. Not to mention, Jack has been playing extreme metal for 17 years now, first with Dark Deception (with Rob Barrett, old-school trivia for you), and then with Cannibal. Jeezum pete, the guy has put in his time, and done about all he can do for the death metal genre - there is nothing left for him in extreme metal. It was time for him to move on, and he found kindred souls in Adrift.

Keep in mind, as well, that those songs out there right now, along with being very radio friendly, are also songs we wrote years ago and have played for a while - Adrift's newer material is, in my opinion, edgier, and also MORE expressive and dynamic.

Long story longer, with Adrift, we play the music we play, and write what we write, for us. It is catharsis, therapy, an outlet that lets us express what would otherwise be kept bottled inside, festering, boiling, damaging. We hope that others can feel this purge, and find a similar outlet in our songs. Again, is it extreme metal? No, but it has a similar purpose and effect, if you let it. We have been lucky and are very thankful for the support that we have received from the people that like what we do. We have weathered the naysayers, the single-mindedly avid Cannibal fans who rail and disrespect rather than support Jack in an endeavor which could help ALL of extreme metal (you don't think that if Adrift hits huge that Cannibal won't enjoy ridiculous success and ancillary sales from people checking out Jack's "old" band? Of course they will). We will continue to make the music we do, in spite of adversity, and there is quite a bit.

Adrift welcomes you to stick around, chat, and maybe find something that you would want to listen to. I, for one, apprecaite you stopping by and saying hey, even if you don't necessarily like our songs (I kinda got that from your first post, which, even though somewhat disrespectfully toned towards Jack, was not the typical absurdly dickheaded and intentionally hurtful posting). I will turn your post over to Jack to respond to as well. If you have not included an email address, I might request that you do, in case Jack wants to reply to you personally.

Pre-production on the Adrift full-length is going famously, as well! Sorry for the magnum opus, but obviously, this is a topic I take most seriously.


AstlAdrift 06-21-2004 06:51 PM

PS, we sound NOTHING like Creed (more like Incubus, if anything), although I'll take their album sales since they've folded shop!!

MetalNorm 06-22-2004 01:49 AM

To MetalMan
Yo, MetalMan,

I am a diehard metal fan, from black to death and on and on. I admit to having hesitation about the Adrift stuff, cuz I've been a CC fan from way back, the Adrift stuff is good in a hard rock sort of way, but was generally not heavy enough for my liking. Until I saw them play live here in Tampa. Let me tell you, Adrift has some crushing heavy stuff. Live, Adrift killed - their sound was nearly brutal. Jack seemed more into it than the CC stuff, and some of the songs are bass heavy and very rhythmic. The singer even got brutal live, believe it or not. There were some ballad type songs too, but even those were better than most of the spoon-fed shit on the radio anymore. Yes, as Kevin states above, it is not death metal, but it is heavy on its own, and I can appreciate it.

Take it from another death metal diehard. Adrift may not be Cannibal Corpse (but who is, and they do not claim to be?), but they certainly stand above the current crop of nu metal and rap-rock morons out there. Give 'em a chance. I did, and I will be buying their record.

Go, Jack! Sell platinum!

metalman 06-22-2004 12:43 PM

in response
Well, when the Adrift album comes out, you're not gonna turn your back on any of the underground metal acts like Lamb Of God and Unearth are you? Because I"m highly anticipating their new albums. Hope I didn't sound too much like a bitch. Just some food for thought metalnorm.

AstlAdrift 06-22-2004 02:32 PM


Both I and Jack still hang with and talk to all the extreme metal bands. Hell (in another piece of trivia), Rob Barrett was in the first incarnation of Adrift, while he was doing the Malevolent stuff. I will never, and I will speak for Jack as well, forget from where I came, and my background. I love extreme metal (Capharnaum, whose forum is up here at SMN as well, being my newest fave), and I will never lose that.

Curiously, your reply was quite brief and did not address many of the questions I put forth to you in my posting a bit further up. Do you not care to continue the conversation, or was time just an issue?


MetalFreak 06-22-2004 06:48 PM

Just want to throw my two cents in. I havent heard much Adrift yet, but I'm really looking forward to it. Hell, the people I know who listen to metal all go from the more melodic stuff like Flaw, to the extreme stuff like Corpse and Skinless for example. The way I see it, if it's any form of hard rock/metal, I'll give it a fair shot. I guess I try to listen to everything with an open mind and not care if one of the members was in a more brutal band before, or something like that.

metalman 06-23-2004 01:00 AM

response to astladrift
sorry I didn't get back to your post there but you're right, it was a time issue. I"m a very busy guy and I work a 3 jobs a week. I have thought about what you said about giving Adrift a chance and I kept saying to myself today, well, maybe I need to give it several more listens. I mean, its like you said, you aren't trying to start a new musical trend but you do want to do something different. I guess sometimes, thats the problem with me. I don't wish to give new bands like yourselves a chance. Its funny how I like a lot different types of music wheather its 60's bands like The Beatles and The Kinks, to underground metal bands like Napalm Death and Katakylsm and not give modern day melodic post grunge music a chance. Maybe I'm just a little too close minded or something. Do you guys still have any downloadable mp3's on the official site? Maybe I need to download more songs and see if I really like it enough to give it a chance. I mean, if other people say its good, then it probably is worthy of a listen. But make no mistake because I am still gonna remain loyal to the underground metal/hardcore scene. I want to prove to bands like Hatebreed and Unearth that I"m still being loyal to their music while liking Adrift at the very same time. I mean, whats the worst that could happen? Just some food for thought.

Dreadzombie 06-23-2004 02:59 PM

Thay are a good band!! I listen to only Death/Balck Metal but hell they sound good!! And jack you still kick ass, yes it is sad that you left cc but hey nothing lasts forever right and the adrift songs sound good I will make sure to pick the cd when it comes out!!

Jack I wish you best of luck man!!!!!!:)

siN 06-24-2004 10:51 PM

Re: response to astladrift
1st off - "What Kevin said" - He's definitely a man of many words, some of which I have to use for to get the FULL meaning ;) So - All hail his magum-opus'...or is it opuses...or opii?

2nd - Metalman, you did not 'piss' me off, I'm just stating a point. It's this close minded, "oblivious to all other music" mantra that gets stuck in the mind of many. I feel as though you have gone from 'uber death rawrrrr' to backtracking all the way to the Beatles, and then go as far to even mention Flaw in a post! How can you listen to the Beatles and the Kinks and jump 30 odd years to grinding death metal, and still be so ignorant? There's a flaw there in your arguement somewhere. Listen, you keep saying "I need to listen, give it more time" to "Where are the downloads?" - Why not listen 1st, comment later. Listening to just 1 song does not EVER justify a band and it's music! Plus, you must know where the bloody downloads are if you heard the bands music already.

Next subject: Loyalty. I'm sure you can stay "loyal" (whatever that means...) to the "underground" metal scene of your Unearths and Lambs of God, but does that make you "more metal", are you that much more kvlt and tr00? This is the downside of the metal world - How people can't branch out of 'whats cool' to other things, or if a certain band member leaves, they have to take it upon themselves to jump on that bandwagon to slander that persons personal decision. To me it's all a heeping pile of stinky shite. Listen to what YOU want, not what your 13 year old pal on a Gorerotted forum tells you. I made that error a few years back of not keeping an open mind to new stuff - Just give shit a chance, jamming Adrift won't make you any less manly, or won't grow you man-teats, or a furry cooter.

I feel as though many points have already been exhausted in this thread, but at least stand up for your thoughts and comments before being such an absent minded brownoser.

/end rant

MichælAdrift 06-28-2004 02:52 AM

response to Metalman

I have trouble understanding this strange and unreciprocated allegiance some listeners of your faith have for a particular form of music.

Firstly, even though you are considerably more polite and well-spoken than the herd, why would you consider for even a moment that Jack Owen, or any other musician that has poured 15 years of their life into creating music, give a nanofuck what any person thinks about their decision to branch out as an artist? Why are there these whiny appeals? As if Jack would suddenly think to himself, "I must return to Cannibal Corpse immediately! What was I doing?". Does anyone even appreciate how long five or ten or fifteen years of someone's life is? Instead of visiting the forum and thanking Jack for inspiring them (and the other bands they listen to) and for providing them for so many years of music they enjoy, fans (and I use the term loosely) write Jack about how they think he should alter all of his plans and desires to offer these already ungrateful fans with more years of his life.

Here's my question: If preserving this style of music is so important, why don't YOU buy a guitar and take over? Maybe Jack wants to spend his days lying in the sun drinking Coronas. Maybe Jack just started playing riffs extremely fast through lots of distortion as a joke, for the same reasons circus performer Anton LaVey wrote the Satanic Bible. Maybe it was only to instigate a response. Maybe Jack did it as a parody and it caught on and suddenly he was offered more money than any 18-year-old could dream for and so he thought, "play guitar, fuck hot chicks, make $100,000 a year, travel to 40 different countries, all expenses paid and build a following; fuck yeah, I'm down!".

Now I am not implying for a minute Jack's musical interests did not lie there in the cavernous depths of black metal's rotting heart, or if it were a necessary response to where music had gone, or even if it were part of the divine architecture of the universe to happen just so we could have this thread, I am just simply stating that any of us in the same position would jump at that opportunity, given we were 18-years-old again.
Hmmmmmmnnh... Yeah, fuck it; I'd do it now.

And the appeal for Jack to return to his roots: Seriously, I am writhing in my chair with laughter about this comment. Half a bottle of Red Zinfandel in me, nonetheless...oh wait, if you think that Jack has sold out musically; my opinion is worthless now. I mean, a man drinking wine...that borders homosexuality and that certainly is not hardcore. Really, dude. Guys drink beer and punch each other in the chest with hands full of monkeywrenchs and they gargle with razorblades and sandspurs and cook grilled cheeses on hot manifolds...wait, no, guys don't cook; their bitches do...that's why their feet are so small, right? So they can stand so close to the stove... Twenty-seven thousands battered women and I still eat my plain... You may be operating from a level that will earn you prestige as general manager for a reputable bumper sticker company.

You see where this evident strain of sarcasm is leading...

His roots would be more like Muddy Waters and Willie Nelson, buddy. Your roots may be Cannibal Corpse; but Jack's certainly aren't. That would be like Jesus' roots being Christianity. Cart before the horse, my friend.

Were all of your favorite bands growing up death metal bands?Maybe in junior high you listened to Kiss or ELO or Sweet, or maybe Ratt and Hanoi Rocks. It doesn't really matter whether you listen to Chaka Khan, Run DMC or Dimmu Borgir. It is not less cool to enjoy anything; conversely, it is more cool to like a lot of things, I think... so I did smoke some good pot, hardly the point...I think My bad, I do have a tendency to digress...

The point being that if you just stop trying to be and just be, you'll be a lot happier. Adrift's music, in my opinon, is far from having reaching any level of greatness; but it is on its way.

Which means me to another point: If Adrift is the worst band you have ever heard, you might have lived either the most blasé, monodimensional life or you can achieve a Zenlike state where everything below your perception goes unnoticed.
You vomit gross generalizations like this "Creed-type band" and then turn around several posts later and defend your openmindedness and eclectic taste with "why, I listen to everything; from REO Speedwagon to Puddle of Mudd." C'mon, which is it? You are versatile and can find bright points in any genre or Adrift is really just trash? I have heard REO Speedwagon's entire discography and I do like a few songs. I dislike quite a few, too. Not actively, I just don't care if I ever hear them again. You know what I mean...
Just qualify what you are saying. "The worst garbage you have ever heard."?

Admittedly, the three MP3 files on the website are not representative of modern day Adrift. Fifteen songs have been written since then and ten more may be written before you hear those. Certainly, the band will evolve and become more textured and more groovin'. I do not want to insult anyone's intelligence, but it should seem obvious that when five individuals are trying to create together, the music matures as the relationships do. So, to throw out a blanket statement like "this is absolutely garbage and I will not buy it" is not only shallow and narrow-minded, but also a big slap in the face to the very same person whom you wrote the post to originally and asked to serve you once more.

Do you see where it appears you are coming from? What exactly are you trying to say? And be careful with your choice of words, because this primary scolding was gentle.

AstlAdrift 06-28-2004 07:40 PM

Jesus, Michael, you're a mess...

Your disquisitive monologue made my brain hurt. It is evident why you were accepted into the University of Tampa, one of the premiere liberal arts schools, but for fuck's sake, I thought that *I* was gas-baggingly long-winded.

Nah, even though MetalMan does make several dubious and intentionally callous assertions in his post, I think we may have gone off on the guy enough. Last I checked, he was engaged in productive conversation, albeit perhaps not as fervent nor responsive as his initial post. Backpedaling a bit, wouldn't you say? I would, though, like to hear MetalMan answer not just your queries, but mine and Sin's as well.

MetalMan, be clear: we are not picking on you. YOU came to our forum and posted, which was certainly voluntary on your part. Further, you must have figured that a post of such, ahem, quality would raise the ire of at least one or more members of Adrift. If not, you have flunked human interaction 101 (and here's today's lesson: gross denigration of something held dear by a group will almost always result in the group taking umbrage at your desregard for the group and the group's purpose). But, this is called the Socratic Method. This is simply the doctrine by which advocates of certain positions and arguments are called upon to make their viewpoints known in front of the masses, which masses are then permitted, nay, obligated, to chime in and castigate the postulator, in order to test the true resolve of his or her logic and arguments.

So, we'd like you to participate, as Michael said, you are certainly one of the more eloquent of the Adrift playa-hatas, so it is more fun this way.

If you don't want to, no problem, but we can have a fun time with this, agree to disagree, have some solid discussion, and still have a beer at an Adrift gig down the road.

Think about it.

PS: Michael, Zinfandel is and always was RED. You do not need to modify it thus. It's like saying, "I'm going to go smoke a tobacco cigar" or "I'm enjoying some green broccoli (what other color is there?)." WHITE zinfandel, on the other hand, is a pure fucking blasphemy purloined from good grapes, and is reserved for the cheesiest, most trailer-y, and most clueless pussies of wine aficionados. Zinfandel (see, no modification necessary) is, depending on the varietal, MORE fruity and huge than a Cab. Not more COMPLEX, to be sure, but a good Zin is the shit, and marries well with food.

And Mark, before you say how gay and yuppie we are, look inward, deep, deep inward.....

owenadrift 06-29-2004 07:23 AM

My dearest Kevin
In your meticulous vigor to victimize our Michael as a booboisie, allow me to castigate your officious lack of candor regarding the bandinage spewed about this thread.
Your callow and lugubrious propinquity, and often times, officious jollification of this matter leads me to parse the dotage in your ripened state of senility.
This effacious manner can only perorate an irenic solution to the quandry at hand:
FART! DILDO! BIG! BIG BIG TITTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AstlAdrift 06-29-2004 10:47 AM

Jack, you fucking RULE. I can picture you, at the thesaurus, replacing words with a smirk. Sounds kinda like a Cannibal song, though, don't you think?

AstlAdrift 06-29-2004 03:26 PM

Jack, my veracious, scintillicious bandmate, I must, however, avert that you prognosticated to use the word "officious" twice in the post. Latterly, please ensure to insouciantly endeavor to use words only once.

Gash...Hatchet Wound...Vag...Tuna Taco...Beef Curtains...Bacon Strips...Puss-ois...Box...and many, many more...

Tony Teegarden 07-02-2004 09:41 PM

wow...thought I heard some old school..
For a minute there the posts seemed like an old school Carcass Song...sounded cool but i didn't understand a damn thing they said. Should have put some blarg blarg in there somewhere. Then I would have got it :p I wouldn't know what it's like to use a dictionary when writing a song..really i wouldn't..i swear.

Beleth 07-03-2004 12:48 AM

Well, my point of view is this:

I cant say Adrift is a wrong way for Jack to continue his career.
Jack is an owesome guitar player and I think after 15 years in CC he maybe looking for other kind of style and it doesnt mean worst.
I like Adrift and it is a well-done music nevertheless Im more into death / thrash.
So Jack and Adrift keep on rockin!! and fuck off the shitty messages!!

MichælAdrift 07-10-2004 12:08 AM

Kevin: Fair enough. You are correct in saying that Zinfandel needs no modifier and that White Zinfandel is a blasphemous trailer park abortion. I have to prod back at you, though: Your use of insouciantly in a later post is questionable...

Jack: If you did not use a thesaurus in your response to Kevin, then you are the new vocabulord (or vocabuloid). After reading that, my neurotransmitters shut down and I was only capable of blowing raspberries...

Marq: Yo, yo, yo, written responses offer an opportunity to use the eloquence of our language to more concisely elucidate what we mean to say, fo' shizzle...

Metalman: Tentative studio dates are late August 2004. You will not have to wait much longer. Keep rockin' in the free world.

crispykid88 07-19-2004 04:46 PM


Originally posted by AstlAdrift
. Sounds kinda like a Cannibal song,

dont talk shit about cannibal corpse they are a fucking killer band, i dont know if your trying to start shit because jack left them and came to you guys. but cannibal is fucking awesome

AstlAdrift 07-19-2004 04:55 PM


Originally posted by crispykid88
dont talk shit about cannibal corpse they are a fucking killer band, i dont know if your trying to start shit because jack left them and came to you guys. but cannibal is fucking awesome
Umm, Crispy, I was kinda standing up for you in our forum, but it seems like you are now trying to get a rise out of us or me on purpose.

Talk shit about CC? For your information, not like you'd know, I was in Resurrection (Nuclear Blast), and am likely a bigger fan of Cannibal than you. I've seen CC 16 or 17 times, how 'bout you? I shadowed them on tour with Malevolent Creation "back in the day." And, yes, I agree, CC is an awesome, life and genre-changing band, no argument there.

Come on, man, tone shit down a little and co-exist, don't TRY so hard to instigate dissension.

crispykid88 07-19-2004 05:04 PM

no man i aint against you at all i thought you were talking shit about cc

AstlAdrift 07-19-2004 05:07 PM


Originally posted by crispykid88
no man i aint against you at all i thought you were talking shit about cc

Never. Great tunes, and cool-as-shit guys all the way around. Fave album: The Bleeding.

crispykid88 07-19-2004 05:09 PM

nothing on you man i just thought you were putting them down. my favorite album is either gallery of suicide or gore obsessed

metalman 08-09-2004 01:05 AM

are Adrift coming anywhere near Madison wisconsin?
Cause if you guys are, maybe I might go and see you guys. Maybe then, I'll change my mind about you guys and discover that you're really good. Heck, I'd even like to meet Jack Owen face to face and talk about music and what not. I wouldn't say anything mean to him or anything but maybe he could just tell me what Adrift is all about and we could end up becoming good friends in the end. I'll still support extreme music and all but I think I need to start listening to some more Adrift so I can really get into it. The problem with myself these days, is that I"m way too close minded and I need to give other bands of different genres a chance. Of course, one band I can't really stand is Earshot. It just makes me sick whenever I see the video for Wait on Headbangers Ball and sadly enough, they're going to be one of the guests on there next week. Maybe thats one of the reasons I didn't want to give Adrift a chance in the first place. Anyway, I hope you guys come to Madison somewhere in the near future playing at a small club so you can prove me wrong.

crispykid88 08-10-2004 04:10 AM

Re: Re: my thoughts on adrift

Originally posted by Luke
Who wants to make a career out of playing in front of sweaty testosterone-crazed numbskulls show after show, record after record?
me, someones got to do it. i would want all kinds of sweaty people at my shows pitting there asses off and just enjoying the music.

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