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Fisting The Dead 07-08-2004 11:09 PM

Hey, Adrift people, please check this out
Greetings. I was hoping you guys would check out my music. I want to know what you think. You can here my stuff at . I just play pretty much death metal but have some black metal influences in there. A lot of people have even compared my voice to that of Chris Barnes'. I play in this "band" alone for now. I would appreciate it if you would leave feedback. And Jack, if you were to comment on this, I would be HONORED. Old school CC inspired me to play death metal. I'm also signed to a very small label right now called Entrail Records.

Please be gentle with the criticism. I have fragile emotions. Jack, I voted you as the sexiest member of Adrift, so don't be harsh on me.

AstlAdrift 07-09-2004 03:46 PM

Fisting (Austin),

I went to the Intestinal Lynching link you sent and checked out several songs. I hear pretty good stuff for just doing it yourself. I caught a Morbid/Cradle/Dimmu/Cannibal vibe from most of it - lots of good, driving riffs. I even heard a tinge of Nile perhaps? It would be interesting to hear more once you have placed a band around you. Are you still going to play guitar and do vocals in a band? Are you going to do leads? My only suggestion might be to shorten some of the songs and parts a bit, it will be difficult to find a drummer with endurance to match the tempos in your tracks. If you plan to keep making music on your own, I suggest upgrading your drum program or machine - as a drummer, I can tell you that a hot drum sound is the cornerstone of any song.

Pretty cool stuff. I think much of the Adrift stuff is going to surprise people...we do have some heavy shit, but very, VERY catchy.

Take care, keep stopping by - your discourse is rather funny. I especially enjoyed your "band history."

I have asked Jack to listen and respond as well.

Fisting The Dead 07-09-2004 10:30 PM

Hey, dude. Thanks a lot for the feedback. You guys are really awesome to actually take time to interact with the fans/random people of this board.

Band plans: I live on a mountain. Not many kids here know what extreme metal is and what it's all about, so I don't know what will be happening in the future. As for those drums, I too dislike them, but it's the best I can do for now. If I could get a full band around me, I would like to just pull a Satyr and just do vocals because it's one hell of an easy job. Playing guitar hurts!
Leads: Well, I can't do guitar solos because I suck. I can do guitar leads like in my song Killer of Christians. The middle part is very dark; the bass, guitar, and lead guitar are all doing something differently and it sounds awesome. Thanks for asking Jack to listen to it! I think I'm gonna crap my pants just knowing this.

I'll keep listening to any more Adrift stuff and let you know what I think. Like I said, it isn't my cup of tea and I'll admit that I am a bit closed-minded about music. I don't do it intentionally. It's just like movies: some people like action movies and some people like drama movies, some like comedies and some like horror or some like all. I personally feel music should be exciting. But you guys are talented, sound good, and kick any band's ass of that genre. I am just not really fond of the vocal style.

Once again, thanks!

Fisting The Dead 07-09-2004 10:49 PM

Ok, update. I listened to "Broken Mirror" and thought it was pretty damn badass. Good shit, dude. When I first listened, I just listened to the first song and assumed it would all be like that, but that in fact was not the case. I can understand why Jack left CC. Huge fuckin' change, I'll say! Some people don't like doing the same thing over and over. Each of your songs are fairly different, which is cool.

Off the subject: what is a better distortion pedal: Boss Metal Zone or Digitech Metal Master?

MichælAdrift 07-09-2004 11:27 PM

There is no replacement for good old-fashioned overdriven tube distortion, but if I were to recommend a line of pedals with excellent tonal qualities, they would be from Jim Dunlop/MXR. There's a pretty respectable list of endorsees from Kerry King, Slash, Dimebag Darrell and Zakk Wylde, amongst others. If I could have any ten pedals, probably seven of them would come from MXR.

Fisting The Dead 07-09-2004 11:38 PM

Hey, hey now Michael. Let's not get off the subject here~:D Check out the music! Pleeeaaase.

Fisting The Dead 07-18-2004 12:29 AM

*sniffle* Jack Owen isn't going to listen to my music and give me any feed back...:(

Fisting The Dead 07-19-2004 12:18 AM

Man....this seriously depresses me. Jack is my hero and I said nothing but positive things about him and his leaving Cannibal Corpse and have purchased various CC items, then I ask him to listen to my music and he doesn't--but he does listen to that other dude and gives him a thorough review. Sigh...:(

marqADRIFT 07-19-2004 01:18 AM

Dude get a grip
Fisting, relax bro I just listened to your stuff, to be honest,I'm not into death metal at all, but what I heard doesn't sound as bad as I thought it would. I'm going to borrow your phrase here," Its just not my cup of tea." Don't sweat it, I will remind Jack to listen and you will get your critique.

Fisting The Dead 07-19-2004 06:36 AM

Heh....thanks. Grip gotten.

owenadrift 07-20-2004 06:59 PM

misc poop
Hey FTD! I've been meaning to tell you my computer is messed up, and I can't get your music to play. I'll check it out at MarQ's place as soon as I can. It's getting pretty good reviews here!

Fisting The Dead 07-23-2004 08:16 PM

Hey hey now, Marq. I wasn't upset or pissed. I was just messing around, dude. I know you aren't a fan of the genre. I was just making a reference to what you said to that other dude's song like when you asked, "Do you want an honest opinion?" Then here, all I meant to say was that if you didn't make a similar comment to that other song, then I can't be that bad. Don't take things too seriously, dude. I like all you guys. Well, maybe not you.

...just kidding man.

And I hope you don't think that I am giving you any bullshit or anything like that. I don't believe I ever have. I am not being an obnoxious child...I hope. I've said before that I'm not a fan of the genre you guys play as well, but I can try to give non-biased comments on your music. I'd much rather listen to you guys actually than any other radio band like Korn, Incubus, or even Lamb of God and they're death metal.

So hey Marq, don't take me too seriously dude. And thanks a lot for the feedback. Make sure if Jack goes to your home, force him to listen to my music! Make sure his review is no shorter than 50 paragraphs of pure approval! :cool:

marqADRIFT 07-25-2004 01:25 PM

last time for this one.......
Fisting, the obnoxious child thing wasn't aimed at you, I think you're cool,for a death-metalkid, ha! No seriously I think we all know who I was talking about when I said that, and the little punk hasn't posted since......

Fisting The Dead 07-25-2004 11:25 PM

Well, Lamb of God is a poor, poor excuse for death metal. I'd just toss it in the catergory of death metal because it's better than nu-metal.

And when Chris Barnes was in Cannibal, he fucking kicked ass. He blows now.

Fisting The Dead 07-25-2004 11:46 PM

Wow man. I'm surprised to see that it doesn't say "last edited by Dimas" down there. That dude is getting fucking crazy. Goddamn.

ROCKUM 08-07-2004 05:23 AM

I was checking your songs , and you have a very good mixture of heavy sounds like black and death metal. I like that riffs . CC and Morbid influences too. A lot old School .

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