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TURDS 10-04-2006 03:46 PM

CBT stands for...................
what does CBT stand for????????


TURDS 10-05-2006 06:22 PM

cake baked turds

TURDS 10-05-2006 06:30 PM

cum bomb terrorists

GrindR 03-30-2007 06:12 PM


p.s is that you on your avatar?

Ergo_Sum 03-31-2007 05:32 AM

cognitive behavioural therapy.

sumanvihar 02-04-2010 07:19 AM

computer based safety training
Take a glance on following CBT means computer based training

computer based safety training

We are pleased to offer private, on-site classes for organizations seeking to train 10 or more. We have Self-Study Solution Packages, Computer Based Training, On-Line Training, and we develop customized training for your needs.Logical Security leads the industry by providing comprehensive and varied educational solutions to meet a variety of needs.

i hope this will help u


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