Doro Pesch: Interview

Let us begin with this: sometimes you get what you wish for, but it is not always when it is the best time. Opportunities do not always come around when it is best for you. You make it work!!!

Now that I set the table, I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my teenage metal favorites, Doro Pesch of Warlock and Doro fame, respectively. Doro has had a career spanning thirty plus years, for anyone in any place in life, that is an amazingly long career. They say that when you do what you love its never work, after speaking with the German born Doro, I would say she lives in that world.

Doro was just 22, if I have done my math correctly, when she hit MTV stardom with the song All We Are, with her band Warlock? But, I get ahead of myself just a bit.

When Doro phoned me, I was instantly sent back 30 years, listening to MTV interviews and seeing this little blonde fire cracker in my 19 in. square television, with a voice that was as powerful as any male metal singer of the day. She stood out, she was not afraid to be feminine all while rubbing shoulders with metal heavy weights of the era, Ozzy, Priest, Motorhead, to name a but a few. One must remember this was during the Cold War Era, the Berlin Wall, Nuclear War, Reagan vs all those that threatened to destroy metal.

was from the same place that gave us the Scorpions, Kreator, and of course Accept, so it was no accident that this band had some help crossing the Atlantic. These bands all had their greatest success during the mid-eighties. Warlock was no different. Doro reminded me that it took some time, they were not an over night success for them to cross over, they had already been signed to Mercury and released two albums, before True as Steel, made land fall and MTV stardom. With all that Doro never set out to be in a metal band, if I understood her correctly, she just wanted to make music, it is all she wanted to do, had no plans for anything else. The band just became what it became, it sounds like.

For some of you out there, let it be known, that MTV actually was Music Television and the video for the anthem All We Are was put on heavy rotation?  I said to Doro, about the video for All We Are, It had it all?  Massive hair, leather, spandex, studded jean jackets, loud guitars, a catchy gang vocal intro/chorus, beautiful people, and of course over-sized guitar cabinets, flames, a post apocalyptic society, marching along in life like zombies Until, of course, Doro and her band mates save the day with their musical youth rise up anthem.

Doro and I laughed as we discussed how much power MTV had at the time and that sometimes the videos were bigger than the song, not in her case, but it happened. With success came bigger and better videos All We Are, was the result of that. Doro excitedly described what it was like for that particular video shoot: It was a mini movie, director, script, full crew, backline gear, craft services, PAs, oh and, I added – most importantly a budget! The videos had the power to increase the shelf life of a song.

As far as songs go, Doro has been a part of many.  She continued with Melodies and ideas are beautiful things. Songs can vanish quickly, so when I hear a song in my head I must make some kind of recording. I assume that this next part has been the same for her for all these many years. Recordings happen anywhere, does not matter where I am. Many of the songs had come while on the road, so it is important to be ready to capture it. I used the example of Sabbath recording on a 4-track while on the road how difficult it must have been and then asked if she had a weapon of choice for getting those ideas down, electronically or on paper. Her response was this:

Demos are usually the best, they are the purest form of the initial idea for the song.

I asked her what inspires the song, the right time and right place? Again she laughed, (she laughed quite a bit) Not all songs are going to be commercial, many are not. I believe that was her way of saying what might inspire one person, may not do the same for another, I may not actually ever know.

With all good things, sometimes they come to an end. This was the case for Warlock. After a successful European and American run, Warlock was no more. Doro found her self at a crossroads; she became the face, literally, of her own act, Doro. She also ran up against the musical beast that was the early 90s from Seattle, grunge. For many of us, myself included I admit, I lost track of her and to be fair, many metal bands at that time.

Over the years, music has changed and has come full circle for many artist from metals heyday.  Doro has been actively making music during this entire time. Playing throughout Europe, festivals, one offs, etc. Despite the constant changes, Doro, she does not regret the time she has spent with the many musicians that have shared the stage with her over the years.

The festivals – The constant touring, has been an eye opening and singing pleasure for Doro (repeated about 10x), her fan base has increased in not just size, but age.  The young are actually singing along!  Everyone is smiling! A good song is a fun song.  She kept it going with – Such a blessing watching the young and old singing!

This interview happed late last week and Doro was excited to talk about this tour. This is the 30th Anniversary of True as Steel, we have never played the album in its entirety. Doro wanted me to – Make sure that all fans, old and new, know that this is a very special short US 5 Night Tour!  I made sure to confirm my attendance at the world famous Whisky A Go Go, did not want to upset this metal maiden!!!

was a true pleasure to speak with and talk about the changes in music, where its traveled from to where it is today. She is so very thankful to all her fans for the continued support and, from the sounds of it, does not have any plans to slow down.

See some of you in Hollywood!!!

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