LIVID Interview, Thought Lost to Time…by HardRockCore

Experimental Doom Band LIVID New Album Out Now, Beneath This Shroud, The Earth Erodes, Dropped July 2017 via Prosthetic Records. Somewhere in Time before this album was released Mark reached out and connected w/the band. This is what was learned…

1 – being a part of the Prosthetic Family, how do you feel about EJ and do you agree with his [EJ] Soccer choice of Arsenal? 

TIM – Well I’ve never met EJ, so I can’t speak to his character, but now that I know he is an Arsenal fan that changes everything! Hahaha kidding, Arsenal is a great club but I back Manchester United personally.

CHAD – Tim is the big fütball fan. I only watch hockey and 80s/90s wrestling on youtube.

COLE – Tim likes soccer, I like watching slam ball, and XFL on youtube?

2 – if you could describe your new release with 2 colors, what would they be and why?

CHAD – Burnt Sienna and Hot Magenta. An unsightly dirge with brilliant flashes of hot licks. And I just like saying “Burnt Sienna”.

TIM – Black and Yellow. Why? Cuz everything I do, I do it big! No but seriously I don’t know. Black and yellow is just a good color combo. It pops! How do they describe the record though? The record pops too?? Let’s go with that.

SWEN- Overcast grey- because doom and white because it’s the pokemon I was playing while we were recording.

COLE – Pale Lavender, and RGB Value (0,0,0) A.K.A Black.

3 – what specific elements did you want to bring to the table on this album?

COLE – Harmony played a huge role. We spent a lot of time layering each vocal melody, and guitar part.

CHAD – Atmosphere is pretty important. What I like to here claustrophobic low end with the soaring of Cole’s vocals. I’m a huge fan of when bands use that contrast.

TIM – For this record, I wanted a noticeable contrast in the drums for each half of the record. I also brought some gummy worms, a can of pop, a bag of chips and a few other things to the table. Because recording takes all day and snacks are key.

4 – what’s the one thing about the recording process that you love the most?

CHAD – I’m always really excited to hear the songs from an outside perspective. While playing you’re too close to it, you’re paying attention to what you and the other members are doing. It’s nice to sit back and just take the song in and pick it apart and over analyze it.

COLE – Getting through the first take of the first song. Once you?ve got that out of the way, you?re focused, and all the nerves are out.

TIM – The snacks. But also getting everything tracked and hearing it put together. I never know what Cole is singing live until we record. I never know what an audience member hears until it’s recorded.

5 – what is the part of the music industry model you love AND hate the most?

COLE – I love anyone that supports an artist, and trusts that the artist they?re supporting will produce something conducive to their business. I haven?t personally encountered anything I don?t like personally, but I know a lot of people have?

TIM – I don’t really pay any attention to it. I just like playing the sweet tunes.

6 – do you read reviews of your band and if so do you learn anything?  If you don’t read reviews, why not?

CHAD- I usually do. A bad review isn’t gonna hurt my feelings. I’m also really curious as to how people perceive our music. Constructive criticism can be helpful. Not that I’m gonna change what I’m doing just to make people happy. But, it’s good to keep in the back of your head while writing or trying to decide which direction you’re gonna take it. I do think it’s funny when the person is reviewing an album that’s clearly not a genre they like or would ever buy. Just don’t bother.

COLE – I like reading reviews, if It?s good review,  thats great. If its bad, its essentially free constructive criticism from an outside eye that?s great too.

TIM – Yes I do read reviews for Livid. Do I learn anything? I don’t think so, no. I just think they’re funny.

 7 – social media – your thoughts on its use?

CHAD – WhenMySpace first came around I though it was completely idiotic. But, once I realized how easy it was to connect and stay in touch with all these people I had met on tour, I loved it. Setting up tours became so much easier. You didn’t have to rely on on a phone number your friend gave you of someone whose basement he played a year and a half ago. Social media mostly is garbage. But, as a tool, it’s incredibly useful.

TIM – I think social media is a brilliant way for an up and coming anything (band, business, etc.) to market and promote itself. With that being said it’s also an easy way to destroy everything you may have worked for. You can be on top and say the wrong thing and suddenly everything’s gone. You can be a nobody and say the right or wrong thing and suddenly you’re a somebody. There are too many eyes watching and waiting and too many opinions being thrown around carelessly. Everything should be taken with a grain of salt. It’s very hard to convey emotion a lot of the time.

COLE – It has certainly helped us make great connections. I also like watching backyard wrestling on youtube. . .

8 – Trump – how long until he gets impeached?  or will he survive and why?

CHAD- I don’t think he’ll be impeached. The strange part is that both sides, Left Wing and Right Wing both seem to agree the system is broken. People underestimate how many people are out there that are terrified of change. Anything different than what they know scares them. He represents and protects them. I think he’ll serve one term and go back to being a loud mouth reality star. I’d love to see a Mussolini ending. But, I don’t think it’ll happen.

COLE – People like him, a lot of people don?t know why, but they do. I?d love to see him impeached, but the Vice President isn?t any better. It?s a lose lose. We?ll keep trying to make waves where we can.

TIM – I can see it going either way honestly.

9 – what’s your worst touring moment and can you share with us?

SWEN- So far we’ve been lucky. the worst thing that’s happened is a windshield wiper broke off when it was monsooning.

TIM – I can’t think of one specifically. We haven’t really toured enough to have anything super crazy bad happen yet.

CHAD- Most “bad” things that have happened are terrible in the moment but then they’re fun to tell stories about later or you learn a lesson from them. Once I was stuck in an ice storm for a couple days in Wyoming. But, it was actually fun. It was like forced camping. The only truly terrible thing, outside of issues with cops, is one time my guitarist in this band I was in for a minute got shot in the lower back while loading gear in the van. He’s fine. But, for a few days I was terrified I was gonna lose a good friend.

COLE – I watched Tim eat a can of beanie weenies in a parking lot in Detroit.

CHAD – Yeah, that was worse.

10 – what music do you listen to that your fans might be most shocked by?

COLE – I think what might be most shocking is the amount of solo bass videos I watch on Instagram.

CHAD- I really like old R&B/Soul. I listen to Operas a lot. My daughter and I jam out to Taylor Swift’s 1989 all the time.

SWEN- I don?t think anything is shocking anyone.I listen to a lot of trap and ratchet hip hop? Many times if I land on a pop stationI wont change the radio for a while.

TIM – No one really cares enough about my music taste to be shocked by anything. I don’t have fans? Livid might but not me, hahaha. And I listen to either the jazz or hip hop radio stations in my car.

11 – Is the future bright or bleak and why?

COLE- I?m rooting for abright future, Our music paints a picture of a worst possible outcome, but the truth is, we have a positive outlook.We just need to put the work in to make change.

TIM – All encompassing, general, broad future? Or future of this band? Or my personal future? It’s probably both mixed together. Sometimes it might be more of one or the other.

CHAD – I think the near future is bright. We’ve hit a major low and people are starting to open their eyes. We just need to stop fighting and bickering amongst each other. Wether it’s a major change or just people flooding the voting booths, something is gonna change. I think it’ll be for the better.

13 – how do you want to be remembered by the music community?

CHAD– One day I’d like some record collector to point me out to his friend and say, “See that old dude over there picking cans out of the garbage? That guy used to be in a rad doom band! I have the record at home.”

COLE – I hope people like livid, if they don?t, I?m going to blame Tim?sorry Tim.

SWEN– No one’s going to be remembered by this music community.That?s not the point. This is one moment in time, that’s all.

TIM – As someone who really loved to be cozy while playing video games.

14 – so many bands have had this name over the years and feuds even erupted online in the past about it – why did you choose this name?

COLE – I think the face fits the name. 

CHAD– I feel like unless you have a name with 4/5 words, the name has already been done a million times. I’m not too concerned about band names. As long as the music is solid.

TIM – Everything has been done. Nothing is truly original. Get over it. Livid just describes the music best. 

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