CANADA’S LOVIATAR in the HotSeat w/HardRockCore

Loviatar dropped it’s first full length LP worldwide on July 28th, check it out NOW!!! IT’S AMAZING. Check out HardRockCore’s (HRC) recent interview just prior to the bands release a few weeks ago. The review was found, fortunately, albeit a bit late.

1 – being a part of the Prosthetic Family, how do you feel about EJ and do you agree with his [EJ] Soccer choice of Arsenal?

EJ signed us, so he can?t be all bad. Anyway, we?re more the Pro Wrestling and Combat Sports kinda crowd.  If you wanna ask about Mayweather/McGregor or Omega/Okada 3, we?re your band.

2 – if you could describe your new release with 2 colors, what would they be and why?

Purples and blues.  Mostly constantly morphing shades of purple with blues here and there.  They change to brighter or more muted variations depending on the passage we are playing.

See also Eric?s Trip – Purple Blue:

3 – what specific elements did you want to bring to the table on this album?

We wanted to create an album and a sound that were based on our unique personalities and influences.  We wanted the songs to represent that without parts sounding out of place.  It?s challenging when you?re dealing with 20 minute long songs, and your drummer is obsessed with writing about dragons.

4 – what’s the one thing about the recording process that you love the most?

There isn?t much we don?t love about that side of music creation.  Being in the studio is one of the most relaxing things we can think of, probably because we work out of our own studio.  The part we like the most is layering.  Setting up a gaggle of pedals/processors and layering parts to come up with something unique that you couldn?t achieve in a single overdub, or the ?happy accidents? that can only come out in the studio.  Stuff you?d never find in the jam room or playing along at home.  The studio is another instrument to us.

5 – what is the part of the music industry model you love AND hate the most?

Band experiences with the industry tend to be unique.  So far we’re still learning how the mechanisms really work, having been all DYI until now.  Ottawa is a long way away from nearly anything relating to the music industry.  At this point, it seems like there?s a shit-ton of musicians clogging up the works, and we?re just glad someone decided to give us a shot.

6 – do you read reviews of your band and if so do you learn anything?  If you don’t read reviews, why not?

Other people’s interpretations of sounds and songs are always interesting.  We need to read other people’s thoughts and ideas as we?re too close to the material to look at it without emotional attachment.  Reviews break that down. Caravaggio interprets Narcissus better than we ever could.

7 – social media – your thoughts on its use?

It?s a necessity.  As a band it?s invaluable for all the normal reasons.  Faster word of mouth, easier to find label information.  You can reach a fan base quicker than ever before.  Obviously there are negatives, but when dealing with social media as a band, we haven’t really encountered those too much. Basically, never surf the net angry or drunk are words we wished everyone lived by.

8 – Trump – how long until he gets impeached?  or will he survive and why?

We?re Canadian. Regardless of what becomes of the current administration, we can all rest assured that poor, huddled masses will remain, as will those who fight to ease their suffering.

9 – what’s your worst touring moment and can you share with us?

Katacombes in Montreal is an awesome place with a wicked vibe.  It also has a very low hanging upper deck in relation to how high the stage stands and the upper deck has an overhang you tuck your amps into.  So Shane?s about to hit the boost for a solo, he tosses his head back and smashes it against the upper deck.  BAM, concussion city.  About 10 seconds of feeding back later he kinda shakes his head and finishes up the solo.  He honestly has little memory of the rest of the night. The drum position is also right under that overhang and JP smacked his head in one of his more exuberant moments, but Shane’s probably the only one who got concussed.

Katacombes: head wound city.

10 – what music do you listen to that your fans might be most shocked by?

Shane listens to a lot of electronic music from 1950-1979.  He has a thing for classic power pop from the late 70?s.  Bubblegum psychedelic stuff.

Justin has a deep appreciation for Black Uhuru, Burning Spear and a lot of the darker, revolutionary reggae from the late 70s.

Mike keeps buying reissues of grunge records.

J-P has to break up metal listening sessions with either classical music or 90s punk rock.

11 – Is the future bright or bleak and why?

If the sum total of human history is an accurate barometer, the world will continue to be a wretched place for most as we agonizingly inch toward progress, fighting ourselves step after bloody step.

13 – how do you want to be remembered by the music community?

We don’t really think in terms of legacy. We’ll take it a record and a tour and a time.  To be remembered at all would be a pleasant epitaph.

Don’t be fooled by HardRockCore (HRC), his interviews are not cut and paste, nor are his reviews… He’ll ask the curveball questions, it helps understand the individuals that make up the band. His years of 1on1 is second to none, just when you think you’ve heard all questions that could be asked. . .  HRC won’t pull any punches either when it comes to reviews. . .  HRC continues educate and evaluate.

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