It’s a Friday night in Lincoln, CA just outside of Sacramento at the Thunder Valley Casino. Even as the sun goes down, it’s 100 degrees as the legendary ALICE COOPER hits the stage. July 28th will see the release of his newest album, Paranormal coming through earMusic. And I must bring up something that Eddie Trunk mentioned on his Podcast recently with Alice. Eddie mentioned that Alice can still deliver the goods and I absolutely 100% agree. Some bands, like KISS, struggle to do the live thing and don’t get me wrong, Kiss is the reason I love music so much, but it’s safe to say that the party is over and hearing about it in rough format is a tough pill to swallow which is why I refused to see them in the last 15 years. And also why I refused to see the MOTLEY CRUE farewell tour because listening to pre-recorded tracks and VINCE NEIL not singing half the lyrics is not worth the price of admission.

But getting back to Alice, opening with Brutal Planet and then heading into classics like Under My Wheels and No More Mr. Nice Guy is a great opening. And the thing that really brings this all to life is the 3-guitar attack, solid bass playing, and Glen Sobel on drums laying a groove yet displaying a flair for Alice’s stage show. And Alice’s voice, while not of operatic standards, is still the same. I had the honor of seeing Alice in ’89 twice in England. Once at the Marquee Club and once at Wembley Arena and it’s just as fresh today as it was back then. The hits, the nostalgia, it’s all here with I Love The Dead, The Ballad Of Dwight Fry, Cold Ethyl, and Only Women Bleed. What we need to all do is take that extra step and start buying albums again by true artists to give rock a little more longevity.

Enjoy the photos below!


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