POWERFLO – The Viper Room… A POWERHOUSE Live Debut

SMNnews.com Powerflo Interview: Viper Room Hollywood, Ca

Viper Room, Hollywood Ca June 15, 2017
They say lighting rarely strikes the same place twice… For me, it has… I have witnessed the beginning of something special… again. This is no flash in the pants, one and done all-star super group (I know because when I interviewed Sen and the boys & they told me!)… This is the release of Powerflo, the super group consisting of Sen Dog (Cypress Hill), Christian (Fear Factory), Billy (Biohazard), Roy (downset), and rounding things up, Fernando (Worst). Although this is 2017, these guys took the stage hostage like it was the Hollywood music scene of the late 90’s. Its fair to say they have been chomping at the bit to get on stage, because they exploded with the energy of bands trying to make it, for the first time… Not resting on their past successes, there are plenty… They are working hard and heavy to become a force TODAY.
The songs on their upcoming NEW DAMAGE RECORDS debut release were recreated with the energy that one would expect from metal heavies and hip hop (rock) superstars… Did I just go there? I’ve listened to the album 4x and each time I discover even more to sink my teeth into… Not a filler to be found, all these songs were put to wax (yes WAX!!!) to shake the music world.
The band killed it with Resistance, Start a War, Finish the Game, Up & Out, Crushing That (Gang vocals peoples!!!), to name a just a few… For it was 50+ minutes of the epitome of beastmode, so I don’t recall all the tracks.
BTW, that first lightning strike… It was only LA’s own System of a Down… I was there watching Rick Rubin laugh, smile, and bounce his head to what the rest of the world would discover in ’98. So, I consider myself fortunate to once again cover something at the beginning that will soon be world wide… Spread the Flo, the POWERFLO…

Until I get the interview up… ciao4now

Upcoming Message

Staaaaart a War

Axe to Grind


Fernando Bash’n

Crushing it!!

Feel’n the Power

Roy & Christian

Hitting the Stage

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