CLUTCH Review – Psychic Warfare World Tour 2016


Psychic Warfare Tour 2016


        The Uptown Theater Kansas City, Mo

OCTOBER 20, 2016

American rock band CLUTCH from Frederick, Maryland is on tour with their new album Psychic Warfare released October 6, 2015. Produced by “The Machine” (aka Gene Freeman.)  The album hit #1 on Billboard US  Top Hard Rock Albums, #1 Billboard US Top Rock Albums and #2 on Billboard US Independent Albums in 2015.  And, if you have not listened to this album yet, then get off your ass and do it!

On tour now, with the 11th studio album via Weathermaker Music,  Clutch’s own record label. I spoke with Dan Maine’s last year on a phone interview. I asked him why the band decided to have their own label and he answered, “It just seemed like the right thing to do.’  I have to honestly say that I certainly have a great deal of respect for their music and fans. Both are hardcore.

Now, I was more familiar with Clutch’s music and I have a new found love for all of it. Psychic Warfare  has been written with both intelligence and  a gigantic imagination,  I found myself wanting to listen to the song X-Ray Visions repeatedly.  While I was in the Pitt waiting for the show to start, several photog’s getting pics of the set list.  I’m too short, so I kinda got left out of the set list pics. But I didn’t need the set list. I already had an idea of how amazing this show would be.  And the guys didn’t let me down.

Neil Fallon energetically told the fans a story through their lyrics of this cinematic. There is a musical energy about Clutch that pulls you in, with no letting go. Neil Fallon’s strong rhythmic vocals punch right in the jugular. While, Tim Sult’s guitar was both familiar and distinct with a funky sound that is Clutch and it just kept the audience screaming for more.  Drummer,  Jean Paul Gaster and bassist Dan Maines together ease us to the end of this  journey of extrasensory perception. Don’t miss this tour!

You can get Psychic Warfare at the following:

Clutch Official site:

Weathermaker Music


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