If there is one thing you can always expect with OPETH, it’s the simple word, change! In their 20+ year career, they have experimented with many forms of music. But with the release of Heritage in 2011, there was a big turn but that was given a small taste when they put out Watershed.
Two days ago saw the release of Sorceress. And yes, there is a twist in that this album continues down the prog road less travelled, but it’s also a more straight forward venture. From the chug-chug of the title track, the middle-eastern flavor of The Seventh Sojourn, to one of the heaviest tracks in the past 3 albums, Era, Mikael Akerfeldt (vocals, guitar, songwriter) does not disappoint in his musical integrity. His level of confidence, which should not get confused with being cocky, shines on this release.
Sorceress will take a few listens to understand it in full. It’s like a well balanced dish served at a 3-Star Michelin Restaurant. It’s complex, delights, there are sonic layers to be revealed, but when it’s over, it will be appreciated for all that it is – Another Amazing Release!

opeth pic 1

RATING: 10 of 10

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