Jett Blakk Releases Debut Album – Rock Revolution

GSR Entertainment and HearYou Music announce the world-wide digital release of the debut album by Kansas City Rockers, Jett Blakk. “Rock Revolution” was mixed, mastered, and produced by Grammy winning producer Mitch Malloy at Malloy Master Tracks Studio.

Background vocals by Bekka Bramlett on “Let Love Win.” Recorded and engineered by Bekka Bramlett at Blueberry – Hillbilly Sound.

A full album of massive choruses and melodies with staying power that appeals to generations.


“I wanted to do a Rock album that had the integrity of the 80’s with a Millennium modernness that was bona fide with a Grammy award winning engineer.” – Tommy Law

“Welcome to the Rock Revolution.” – Randy Blakk



About Jett Blakk

Jett Blakk was formed by Tommy Law and Randy Blakk. Both have several years of experience in the Midwest music scene and names everyone recognizes.

Tommy Law is a 14 time All-State #1 medalist from CMSU – the only tenor to do so in the state of Missouri. He was a vocal major at Central Missouri State University. His classical training shows in his vocal style – very reminiscent of Bon Jovi .

After many years in the Midwest music scene, Tommy took several years off to get his personal life where it needed to be but has returned with a vengeance.

“The universe is a magnet pulling us towards our destiny.” – Randy Blakk

Randy Blakk started his musical career as the guitarist and songwriter for Uncertain Future. He moved on to tour with Union Underground as a guitar tech on their Education in Rebellion tour. His most recent project before Jett Blakk was as the singer/songwriter for Son of Man. After a brief break from the music scene, he joined forces with Tommy Law to form Jett Blakk.

“Sometimes you are thrown opportunities. Turn it into something great and not a ‘What If’ moment.” Mike MacDowell

Mike MacDowell started playing guitar at the age of 12 and hasn’t stopped yet. His dad made him start with an acoustic and when he mastered that, he went to the attic and got the Gibson. It was all good things from there. His first band was Sicadis 6 years ago. He recently joined Jett Blakk and brings an intense playing style. His goal is to create a style that is so unique that you can tell it is him before he has finished the first two bars.

Upcoming Performances

September 24 – The Scene – Kansas City, MO – With Lynch Mob

Where to find Jett Blakk





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