KC ROCKFEST 2016 – Drowning Pool

Well, Hey, here we go again, The KC Season is officially kicked off with 98.9’s ROCKFEST 2016.
Perfect weather,  I mean, bright blue sky, sunshine,  and Lucky Ass Me, I get to go see a band I have seen several times, DROWNING POOL
ok, that is the upside…now the downside,   the audio at outdoor venues isnt always the best, So I cross my fingers and breathe slowly, come on I think, kick this in the ass, and blow this crowd away….
WOW, God clearly loves him some D.Pool….  Spot the F’ on.   boom baby…. we got us some Rockstars, I could not have been more pleased, You could hear vocals clearly, guitar, bass drums all in a well mixed session.
I have only one regret… Not being able to stay in the pit for more than 3 songs… damn rules anyways..
I think it is high time the boys get the Main Stage…. OK OK, I am supposed to be reviewing the band, so here goes…(  and So Sorry in my best Asian hooker voice.)
Jasen Moreno, is the best Lead that this band has had.  Disagree? suck it… In my previous 6 (that I remember or was sober) times seeing D.Pool, I was happiest at Rockfest KC. Now don’t get your panties in a bunch, I have been blessed to see 3 Lead vocalist, and I truly dig Jasen. Much love to those who have moved on and passed on.
In fact, I went home and checked my schedule to see if any of my bike trips, and trips I have planned, coincided with a tour stop this summer.
Oops, I was talking about the quality of music….C.J, Steve and Mike Killed it.., and Thanks to C.J, who set up several good pictures…. I laugh as I say that, because I was half watching and half fumbling with my camera,,,, he glanced at me, grinned and stepped back to the edge and stayed there several times for me to get some pics…  actually, now that I wrote that, it made me think of how very well, the whole band responds to the audience…  Few people get a chance to feed on other peoples energy, you could just see it in their face and actions, they truly get it, how blessed they are to have a loyal fan base, and for me, it is always fun to see the crowd, (newbies) jamming to some rock n roll on a grassy field in a park, and then BODIES drops, and even now, people realize just how many songs they know….. well, I’m babbling now….so let’s agree to this,   Those of you who didn’t get to the Worth Harley stage, well, You missed a great band. Jump online and download a song or two from each album,  and listen to those tunes, the radio wasn’t paid to promote, you know the songs that the guys put blood and tears and joy into making…. and for the love of God, Go see them next time.
6 out of 6 strings
Michael Bridges

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