Trans-Siberian Orchestra – Sprint Center KC


We had the amazing experience of seeing TSO live at the Sprint Center in Kansas City on December 26.  This was a performance I had been waiting for since “The Ghosts of Christmas Eve” was first televised.  And I was not disappointed.


First, let me say that I was so impressed with the fact that for each ticket sold, $1 goes to a local charity.  From this performance, over $8000 was raised for the Pediatric Wing at KU Medical Center.


Then the lights go down and the show begins…..

The amazing light show, the huge screen behind the orchestra, and the special effects (snow?  yes, snow….sort of) made this a performance to remember.  Watching the reactions of the crowd made it clear that this is a performance that is cherished by Kansas City every year.  And rightfully so.  It is most certainly an entertainment extravaganza.  The fantastic blend of classical music and heavy metal was amazing composition.  I am thoroughly impressed every time I hear these songs.

The narrator throughout “The Ghosts of Christmas Eve” did an awesome job.  Animated and heartfelt, you truly believe he felt was he was saying and not that it was scripted.  You never would have known by watching this group of performers that they have been on the road for weeks doing this show twice a day and that this was the second performance of the day.  They put an amazing amount of energy into entertaining the crowd.

FAK_8243 reducedAfter they completed “Ghosts,” and began playing from “Letters From the Labyrinth,” you saw a complete change in the crowd.  They weren?t listening to music they had heard and loved for so long.  There was an energy that only comes with hearing things for the first time.  I’ve listened to these songs several times and I have to say the live performance was absolutely amazing.

Overall….this was an experience that no one in Kansas City will forget any time soon.




Christine Cochran


Ok….now for a few little miscellaneous tidbits:

The “heavy metal hair flip” never ceases to bring a smile to anyone who has been a metalhead for decades.

Sitting close enough to the stage that you can feel the heat from the pyrotechnics is awesome.

The inter-play between guitarists was a lot of fun to watch.

FAK_8433 reduced

The keyboardists work SO hard through the entire show.

I absolutely love the huge LED screens used as a backdrop.

We had an amazing photographer doing photos for us during this show.  Thank you Frank Kuhl.


KUL_9239 reduced

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