Unlocking The Truth (entire band)

In continuing our interviews for the AFTERSHOCK Festival in Sacramento, here’s our interview with UNLOCKING THE TRUTH

Q: Congrats on the record deal, how does it feel?

Jarad: Thank You! It feels great! To have a big supporter (Sony Red) who is helping to guide us to the top of the charts is exciting. They are also helping us with the recording of our first EP. I’m grateful.

Alec: It feels great to have a record deal at my age.

Q: Please describe UNLOCKING THE TRUTH for those that have not checked you out live or online yet?

Jarad: Unlocking the Truth is a custom Metal Band. We write & create our own music. We have different style of than what you would normally hear from the modern metal band.

Malcolm: How I would describe Unlocking the Truth is being different. We stand up for people who do things outside the box and we try to encourage kids to do things that they want to do no matter what anybody says.

Q: What is the lyrical focus for you?

Jarad: My lyrical focus is some of my life experiences. Though I’m twelve turning thirteen there are lots of new things I’m discovering about the world and myself. I also like to watch horror movies and think about the music I would’ve liked to hear for a/that certain theme or scene.

Q: You’re also playing Aftershock in Sacramento in September, what bands on the bill are you looking forward to seeing?

Jarad: One of my favorite bands to see would be Lacuna Coil! I really like that they are an Italian Metal Goth Band and I’ve been listening to them since I was eight yrs. old. Their music is very inspiring.

Alec: The bands I am looking forward to seeing at Aftershock in Sacramento are Lacuna Coil and Escape The Fate.

Q: Do you prefer Festivals (like Coachella) or Clubs?

Jarad: I prefer festivals like Coachella. The band and I had a great experience there. We met and talked to a lot of people of all races, and they were very welcoming to the band?s music. A lot of them said to be so young and in the game we rocked! We gave great performances both weekends. To me that was like playing at the Rock am Ring festivals in Germany! One day I wish to see that happen.

Alec: I prefer Festivals because at festivals the crowd seem more energetic there’s seem to be more of an appreciation for the music.

Malcolm: I like clubs better than festivals because when you’re in a club you can interact with the fans more and the fans are the people who motivate me to give a good performance. Big crowds at festivals are nice too but you can’t interact with the fans as much.

Q: If you could create your ‘dream band’ for yourself, who would be the players with you?

Jarad: Malcolm & Alec. I like how we are already expressing ourselves now, we collaborate and understand each other. We also know what we like to hear and each one contributes something to a song. There would be others I would like to see join the band but these are my true troopers.

Malcolm: I have been creating my own music at home and saving in on Logic Pro X but I haven’t found any members yet. I’m still in search of people, but I would also like Jeff Loomis, Corey Taylor (SlipKnot), Ghost (Motionless in White), Pablo (Chelsea Grin) and myself.

Q: What happens when the unstoppable force collides with the unmovable object?

Jarad: Well then I would have to find another route. Because I don?t want anything stopping me from doing what I love to do and that play music. Only way that I would stop playing is if someone cuts my hands/arms off. Other than that I?m unstoppable when it comes to my music.

Alec: When the unstoppable force collides with the unmovable object it’s a standoff.

Malcolm: When the unstoppable force and the unmovable object collide, they burst into million of pieces and those pieces become more unstoppable forces and unmovable objects.

Q: What are the 5 albums you need if you were the last person on earth?

Jarad: Jill Scott, Kelly Price, Anthony Hamilton, Memphis May Fire, & Lacuna Coil, Disturbed, Paramore and so much more. I know you said 5. But I love all kinds/genres of music. I sometime listen to jazz and opera too.

Alec: I don’t listen to albums, I listen to singles and these are the five singles I would need if I were the last person on earth Fade To Black – Metallica, In The End –Linkin Park, So Faraway –Avenged Sevenfold, Master Of Puppets – Metallica and One – Metallica

Malcolm: The 5 albums I would need would be Escape The Fate-Ungrateful, Disturbed-The Sickness, Disturbed-Asylum, Asking Alexandria-From Death To Destiny, and Asking Alexandria- Reckless & Relentless.

Q: Thanks for your time and answering the questions! Any final words for your fans?

Jarad: Yes to all the fans out there as we say be free. Express your thoughts either on paper or thru song. Always be You. Let no one take away your glory in what makes you happy. Look out for our EP coming to you real soon.

Mark Thompson

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