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Driving on his way home from Sacramento back to the East Bay, SUICIDE SILENCE frontman HERNAN “Eddie” HERMIDA took a few moments, despite flakey cell phone service, to talk on a myriad of topics. Please read on for another of our interviews with KNOTFEST Bands.

Q: You ready to do this interview?

A: Yeah man! I’m just driving home from Sacramento!

Q: As long as you don’t crash it’s alright with me.

A: That’s why this Bluetooth is hooked up so we’re good!

Q: I’m not trying to be negative, but the last thing we need is another frontman of SS to leave us in an accident.

A: (laughs) and it would be all your fault!

Q: Why can’t we stop you?

A: Why can’t you stop me? Well, really, the lyrics were written by MITCH LUCKER so that’s an answer in itself. He’s still with us in death and is still with us in life.

a lot of cell interference happens right here

Q: You have an album out, it’s selling well, stepping away from your previous project (ALL SHALL PERISH), how did you approach that decision?

A: It was a plethora of things. The main one being I was really good friends with these guys for a really long time. It was situation whereas much as they lost a brother, I lost a brother as well. Not to the same extent. However, I’ve been friends with these guys for a long time and did my first national tour with these guys. When they came and asked me, it was basically something I couldn’t say No to. They told me I was the guy they were really stoked on and they felt I could knock the ball out of the park. It took some coercing but I did agree with them in the long run. They knew I could perform live and could bring it on the record. My only big concern was don’t make me quit my other band and they were all on board and they never asked me to step away.

Q: You guys are home right now, correct?

A: Yeah, we just spent two and a half months on the road. So it’s some long due chill time you know?

Q: And you have KNOTFEST coming up at the end of October?

A: Yes Sir! Very stoked at that! It’s going to be the tail end of this tour we have coming up with THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER. It’s a co-headliner with support from CHELSEA GRIN.

Q: When you’re approaching the live shows, do you have a say in the format of the setlist?

A: I’ve never been the dude that picks the set list. My taste in music is so far left field from what anybody else likes so when I pick a set list it’s my favorite songs and my favorite songs don’t tend to be the crowd’s favorites they end up being niche favorites so I’ve always kept my hands out of that pot. I let the guys decide. Mark is the dude that’s really in tune with the set list, he’s a really good DJ. Whenever we’re on road trips he plays most of the music that’s played on the bus. He has a good idea for the movement of each song and how they flow into each other.

Q: I read a quote somewhere where somebody asked RONNIE JAMES DIO how he has such a great voice night after night and his reply was something to the nature of, ‘you either got it or you don’t!’ What do you do to warm up, do you have a ritual?

A: Yeah, I have a ritual! I warm up, but it’s mainly for myself. In the end, being on stage, is kind of like looking in the mirror if you will. Your mind is going to see what it sees. If I’m down in the dumps, I feel like I don’t perform as well on stage. But then I watch videos and I crushed it. Truth is I don’t really need to warm up, but rather to get my mind centered and making sure I’m clear of any negative thought or anything in there that could fuck up the show. It’s like putting on your suit before going to work. You gotta put on your stinky band clothes. I have a ritual where I put on the same Spiderman socks for every show. It’s kind of gross, but it’s stuff like that.

Q: You said something earlier about your musical taste being so left field, if there was one band or album that you listen to that would surprise people, what or who is it?

A: I am a huge fan of MR. BUNGLE! The album Disco Volante is a very skud record. Most death metal fans, rock n roll fans, and punk fans want the Verse / Chorus / Verse / Chorus, they want something they can sing along with. The reality is that Mr. Bungle is the opposite of that on purpose, it’s not structured music, it doesn’t have choruses, you can sing along but that’s because MIKE PATTON is a musical genius and his lyrical depth has as much depth as you have. Which means that it’s true art. It’s out there for you to make your own interpretation. It’s just one of those things when you strive to be really, really different it makes for more entertaining music for me. I’ve grown up playing music, and grown up understanding the structures of how to build music for so long that I need something completely from out of that realm.

a lot of cell interference happens here again, broken conversation

Q: What’s your next year look like?

A: Dude, a lot of fucking touring! This record is highly important to us to get it out there and show the record label that we are worth their while. And once we settle down in 2015 I think we’re going to really focus and write another record, get out there, and push our own boundaries. We’ve talked about doing something different that will really set us apart as a band and it’s time to show people that Suicide Silence is always going to progress and move forward!

Mark Thompson

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