Jake Scherer (lead vocals/rhythm guitar) – New Medicine

Q: Congrats on the new album and its release, how is this one different from its predecessor?

A: Thank you!! On our first record we were very young and new to the whole process of making records and being on a record label, it all went so fast it seemed like a blur. Some of the songs on our first record we had been playing for awhile as a local band so we were very familiar with them. On this record everything was new and fresh and we took our time on the writing. We also took our time recording the record, and we pushed ourselves to the creative limits both sonically and writing wise. This new record “Breaking the Model” is basically our musical mission statement. We’ve always prided ourselves on being different and not fitting the mold or formula.

Q: What is your focus this time around lyrically and musically?

A: As far as lyrics and songs go, I’ve always tried to write about real life things I think people can relate to or things that inspire me in my life or things I’m going through. I try not to have one subject matter, I don’t like records that every song sounds the same or gets too repetitive musically or lyrically. I think this record has a wide variety of songs for different moods or inspirations and that’s why it’s exciting cause you never know what’s coming next. I’ve taken some flack from critics in the past because people will say “some of the songs sound so different from each” but I could care less. I take pride in being a very creative person and not a one trick pony. There should be no rules when making art, if there are, I don’t follow them. As far as musically on this record, we tried to integrate some new sonic sounds and use some modern production with the feel of a real band playing. There are so many killer sounds you can mess with nowadays when using modern production with synths and strings etc. We explored a lot of new territory on this record in that sense, but we made sure it was still rock.

Q: Tell me about your touring plans?

A: Coming up in a couple weeks we head out for some shows on the Rockstar Uproar tour with Seether and Godsmack and Skillet. In October we are doing some radio festivals down in Texas and doing a short little run with Pop Evil. In November we head out with our friends Halestorm which we are pumped about! We will be supporting them on their tour all the way through December, looking forward to getting back out there and playing the new songs!

Q: You’re also playing Aftershock in Sacramento in September, what bands on the bill are you looking forward to seeing?

A: That line up is so sick. I look at that and see so many bands I grew up listening to and I get to play on the same stage as them, its crazy!! I love Weezer and have never seen them so I’m stoked for that. Also Offsrpring, Bad Religion, Rise Against, Zombie is always sick. So many killer bands!

Q: Do you prefer Festivals or Clubs?

A: Hard to say, I really like doing both, but if I had to choose, there’s just something so bad ass about going out on a huge festival stage for 25,000 people and hearing them roar, there’s nothing better.

Q: If you could create your ‘dream band’ for yourself, who would be the players with you?

A: Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age on guitar, he’s a bad ass, other guitar player would be Jimmy Page, obviously. On bass we have Sir Paul McCartney, enough said. On drums we have Dave Grohl, OBVIOUSLY.

Q: What happens when the unstoppable force collides with the unmovable object?

A: An interesting paradox there. I mean, if an immovable object does not move, how could it ever hope to stop an unstoppable force? This question is hurting my brain, next question! Lol

Q: What are the 5 albums you need if you were the last person on earth?

A: Dude these questions are so hard!!! You need at least one Beatles album, maybe two, literally any of them. Led Zeppelin same thing. Then I would say Rolling Stones Exile on Main Street, Tom Petty Wildflowers, Fleetwood Mac Rumours. Oh and Eminem, Marshall Mathers LP. Let’s just say I have a very eclectic taste in music.

Q: Thanks for your time and answering the questions! Any final words for your fans?

A: Thanks for the great questions!! Can’t wait to get out on the road and play this new record live!!!

Mark Thompson

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