Mincing Fury and Guttural Clamour of Queer Decay – Devolution


This is Mincing Fury and Guttural Clamour of Queer Decay’s fourth album and at this stage it sounds reasonably evolved to resemble Pigsty’s ‘Pigs are Back’ era, with the balls-out heaviness and Death/Grind mixture with some fun/core elements sprinkled all over, including some samples. This used to be a Czech Goregrind band, I’m talking about the remarkable debut ‘Lamentations’ which since then has evolved much like Pigsty and Gronibard, but retains and in fact adds to the heaviness. It’s so heavy that I had to lower my volume and my instincts. This is massive. Aesthetically, it’s a dead ringer to ‘The Return’ which shocked the world when it was put out by Pigsty. For those who are hiding in a well, there was a massive surge of Czech Grindcore some years back which propelled bands like Pigsty, Jig-Ai, Destruction of Explosive Garland, even Mincing Fury (for short) to the limelight, propagated by labels such as Obscene Productions and notably Bizarre Leprous Productions.

It’s a mixture of Goregrind influenced by latter era Cock and Ball Torture with the Death Metal clout of say Cliteater, played in a way that brings back the debut of Gronibard or ‘M. Patate’ era Ultra Vomit to mind. It’s fun mingled with devastating heaviness. Your screams will be confusing. The production is immaculate, the blast beats are so heavy, they’ll bring down your guts, the vocals are a medley of various shouts and growls, along with a ton of fun sounds. It doesn’t reach the baby girl level of hysteria like Gronibard however, French goofsters. Nevermind, this band is doing something the US Brutal Death Metal bands wish they could achieve – the variety and energy is something the Europeans are adept at, the US bands are too afraid to innovate perhaps, with hardly anyone standing out in this style.

Interestingly then, ‘Devolution’ is released by United Guttural, a US label. Look at the cover, it has a monkey. Who does that? The US bands are too busy out-sickening each other, resorting to misogyny and all that shit. That’s terrible. This band has effortless class and humour. And the music surpasses that of the faceless clones as well, but they’re good at something else. All in all, this is a remarkable album from the Czech Republic that’s worthy of your attention, especially since Pigsty has become too core-influenced and so have the French bands, as of now Mincing Fury is the only band flaunting those massive balls and doing it with panache.


Kunal Choksi


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